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UK Military Flying Training System (MFTS)

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A complex Private Finance Initiative for the provision of an aircraft service

Ascent (UK Ministry of Defence Training Service Partner)


Project Details

Ascent is the training design and delivery organization appointed as the UK Ministry of Defence’s Flying Training Service Partner. Its sole objective is to provide the UK’s Armed Forces with a military flying training system through a unique partnering arrangement with Royal Air Force No. 22 (Training) Group and the UKMFTS Project Team from DE&S

  • KBR is delivering the fixed-wing provision of the service with Elbit Systems, an international defense aviation and electronics company, through the Affinity joint venture. Affinity has delivered the full fleets of three aircraft types related to the training stages in the flying training system and is maintaining them in full operational capability to Ascent for use in the system on an availability basis.
  • To ensure timely delivery, Affinity has procured off‐the‐shelf aircraft — the Grob 120TP, Embraer Phenom 100 and Beechcraft T6C — which required little modification to meet the client’s military and legislative requirements.
  • Affinity has delivered the design, enabling and construction of maintenance bays and maintenance support facilities, an aircraft wash down bay, engineering ops, an ejection seat store, and offices. Affinity’s role in partnering with Ascent is a key factor in the delivery of this service.


  • A complex Private Finance Initiative for the provision of an aircraft service, including mission-capable fixed-wing aircraft
  • Aircraft procurement of 23 Grob 120TP for elementary flying training (EFT), 10 Beechcraft T6C for basic flying training (BFT) and 5 Embraer Phenom 100 for multiengine pilot training (MEPT)
  • Enabling works for provision of aircraft facilities at three RAF bases, design of hangar facilities, operations buildings and external works to effect safe movement of personnel and effective liaison between engineering and flight operations
  • Aircraft maintenance and continuing airworthiness management and obsolescence management delivered from three sites and covering three aircraft types
  • Implementation and continuous development of air safety management systems

Project Highlights

  • Procurement of three types of aircraft
  • Rigorous due diligence
  • Complex contracting structure
  • Delivery of three aircraft types in service to the RAF within two years
  • All fleets delivered into service on time
  • In total, Affinity has now taken delivery of 23 Grob 120 TP aircraft, five Embraer Phenom 100, and 10 Textron Texan T6C.
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