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MSOC – Supporting Human Spaceflight Missions and Training

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Houston, Texas, USA

Project Details

The Mission Systems Operations Contract (MSOC) specifies the technical, managerial, and administrative work needed to ensure the availability, integrity, reliability, and security of the Flight Operations Directorate’s (FOD) mission systems supporting NASA space flight programs. Mission systems include both the systems and subsystems of integrated hardware, software, networks, data, displays, and mockups used in the preparation for and performance of mission operations. The mission facilities comprise Mission Control Center Systems (MCC), Training Systems (TS) and the Space Vehicle Mock-Up Facility (SVMF).

The MCC facility provides a set of functional capabilities for command, control, and support of space vehicles and their payload elements. The TS facility consists of simulators and trainers that support full-task and part-task training required for crew, flight controller, and instructors. The SVMF uses full-scale vehicle mockups, flight-like trainers, and engineering test articles to provide a unique environment closely emulating the physical characteristics of crewed spacecrafts.

The KBR team provides engineering, operations and maintenance services for all three facilities including development for new vehicle support as well as operations, modifications, maintenance and sustaining for existing vehicles including the International Space Station (ISS) and NASA Commercial Crew and Artemis programs.

Project Highlights

The KBR team currently supports the following space programs:

  • The ISS Program, including International Partner and commercial visiting vehicles
  • The Orion Program, the Space Launch System (SLS) Program
  • The Commercial Crew Program (CCP)

The KBR team indirectly supports the following FOD flight operations and development functions:

  • Planning – Design, analysis, and management of trajectories and vehicle systems; and plan flight and crew activities relative to mission requirements, before, during, and after missions.
  • Training – Execution of crew, flight controller, and instructor training and certification.
  • Flight Operations – Real-time command and control of vehicle and crew systems involving telemetry monitoring, commanding, analysis (real-time and post-flight), communications, real-time and near real-time support for troubleshooting of on-orbit anomalies, data distribution, data storage, and data archiving.
  • Vehicle Development – Test and checkout of new and existing space vehicles.
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