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Military Contingency Support, Middle East

Total support for deployed British troops, setting the standard by which others are measured

UK Ministry of Defence

Middle East



Project Details

Acting as a trusted and responsive partner to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) KBR delivers support for British troops on the frontline in remote, hostile and unforgiving environments. Requiring contractor commitment and major logistical support, our goal is to sustain a productive and safe "home away from home," for our soldiers. The list of services and achievements is extensive and varied:

  • The first overarching contract with the industry to provide logistics to the British military on a global basis, KBR embedded a team of industry specialists within the MoD’s Permanent Joint Headquarters’ planning cell to design and deliver the support services required by the British forces overseas.
  • KBR continuously designs and delivers solutions, providing fast turnaround to meet evolving requirements, which included the rapid mobilization of 400 staff in just six weeks, involving screening and training of local workers and specialists, such as interpreters, engineers and meteorologists
  • KBR designed, procured and constructed 17 camps to accommodate 5,250 British troops in Kuwait and Iraq, and continued this in Afghanistan, where our work included Camp Bastion — the biggest British military overseas camp since World War II
  • Infrastructure support included operation and maintenance of all permanent, semi-permanent and tented infrastructure; design procurement and management of all new works over £25,000; supply and handling of materials and personnel provision. We also assured safe drinking water by building and operating a water purification and bottling plant in Camp Bastion
  • Providing a range of 20 support services to 14,000 troops across eight military bases, including catering, cleaning, laundry, vehicle maintenance, administration, refuge, waste management, vermin control, dust suppression and gym management
  • In addition, other services included training and employing local workers, creating an authentic in-camp life for Afghan workers which included a mosque and Mullah, and the hugely popular volleyball courts where the local workers would often challenge soldiers and civilian staff to a game.

Project Highlights

Operational Support Capability Contract

A UK MoD initiative design to reduce pressure on Military Logistic Support for deployed operations and exercises. Assuring support for military commanders anywhere in the world by partnering with industry to augment capability.

As prime contractor and embedded presence at PJHQ, KBR supports crucial operational requirements through a two stage enabling arrangement:

  • Operational support planning capability (Stage 1)
  • Delivery capability (Stage 2)
  • Delivery focuses on four defense capability sets:
    • infrastructure planning, design and construction
    • provision of support services to fill capability gaps or amplify military resources
    • equipment procurement
    • personnel equipment augmentation
  • Implementation can be individual, partial or as part of an integrated effect
  • Services include operations and maintenance, catering, linguistic support, design and construction and life support services
  • Program management to deliver rapidly available, flexible capabilities to critical operational support

Facilities Management Services (Operations)

Sole supplier to deliver hard and soft facilities management services to MoD’s Permanent Joint Headquarters’ across five countries to support the British Military on deployed operations in the Middle East.

Enabling military personnel focus on their operational duties effectively through a suite of packages, including prefab buildings, catering, waste management and sanitation, welfare, cleaning, operation and maintenance.

  • Provided total support to meet the needs of up to 19,000 British troops in Afghanistan annually
  • Consistently named as MoD’s "Top Defence Supplier"
  • Frequently re-awarded contracts based on client satisfaction
  • Provided support to British forces in Afghanistan and Iraq in greater numbers than any other defense services provider
  • Successful deployment and management of 4000+ workers and delivery of services in the most austere, remote and challenging environment
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