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ISS Robotics Operations

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ISS Robotics Operations

Canadian Space Agency

Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Project Details

KBR provides space engineering, maintenance and operations support for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Partner Interface Rack (PIR) and Wide-Area Network (WAN), including significant upgrades to the International Space Station (ISS) remote robotics operations between CSA headquarters in Saint-Hubert, Canada and the Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas.

The KBR team designed and procured a high bandwidth, highly-available WAN utilizing new long-distance communication technologies for increased connectivity between CSA facilities and Houston for telemetry, commanding, voice, and file transfers. The team also designed and installed a new, high-definition video capability allowing more channels of high-definition mission video for ISS Robotics Operations in the Remote Multi-Purpose Support Rooms (RMPSR) at CSA headquarters. This provides greater clarity and resolution of the video at CSA for onboard robotic arm operations increasing usefulness and safety.

Through the life of the program, KBR provides ongoing reliability engineering, security engineering and maintenance to ensure the availability of the RMPSR for critical ISS operations. KBR also handles procurement with subcontract management of new equipment and services.

Project Highlights

  • Initiated support of operations in November of 2020 and completed operational readiness review in June of 2021.
  • Supported Canadarm2 operations for ISS berthing and two NG Cygnus missions
  • Served as critical support team members for a variety of Extravehicular Activities (EVAs), also known as spacewalks.
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