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Spaceflight Services

With more than 50 years of human exploration experience, KBR navigates the complexities of human spaceflight and robotic space exploration, safely and efficiently – whether on the ground or in space.

Exploring space means more than charting the final frontier. Spaceflight is a giant step toward advancing our knowledge of the universe and ourselves. KBR is proud to be a partner on that journey. By supporting NASA and other leading commercial space organizations with mission-critical and lifecycle services, KBR hopes to expand what is possible beyond our atmosphere.

“Spaceflight is a giant step toward advancing our knowledge of the universe and ourselves. KBR is proud to be a partner on that journey.”

KBR’s spaceflight and human exploration capabilities cover the entire spectrum of space-based activity, from mission planning and execution to astronaut human performance training, satellite management, spacesuit services, flight operations, launch infrastructure, and robotic space systems engineering. KBR conducts scientific research and training simulations, performs extreme environment testing for space hardware and equipment, and staffs nearly every console in NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston, TX. Additionally, one of KBR’s primary goals, which is also an integral part of mission success, is its support to crew members' health and to their families at home. As a result, the astronauts can stay focused on their mission objectives knowing their loved ones are well taken care of and have what they need.

Having worked with every U.S. astronaut since 1968, KBR is proud of its heritage dating back to the beginning of human spaceflight with the Mercury program. Today, KBR continues to support this millennium’s most pressing space challenges and projects, including the International Space Station Program, the Commercial Crew Program, the James Webb Space Telescope, Landsat Telescopes, in addition to the Orion Program, Lunar Gateway, Human Lander System, next-generation spacesuit development, and the Space Launch System Program for NASA’s Artemis missions to return to the moon.

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The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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