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Partnership’s Performance Recognised in Sellafield’s Annual Report of Major Nuclear Decommissioning Programme

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KBR, Inc.’s performance as the integration partner on the ground-breaking Programme and Project Partners (PPP) infrastructure delivery framework has been recognised by Sellafield Ltd in its annual report covering year three of the 20-year contract.

The PPP framework was mobilised in 2019 with the purpose of transforming major project delivery at the Sellafield nuclear site. The partnership brings together KBR, Sellafield Ltd as the client, three delivery partners and a wider supply chain to deliver a 20-year pipeline of major infrastructure projects, each of the projects will play a vital role in ensuring Sellafield can safely empty ponds and silos, manage the waste and store it safely for decades to come.

The year three annual report provides a fact-based view from the client of all aspects of PPP delivery between May 2021 to May 2022, including performance across the major projects, supporting PPP services and enabling site wide project delivery improvements undertaken by the partners.

“I’m very proud to be part of this strong partnership, the PPP team is really motoring ahead and it’s great to see this positive view from our client Sellafield Ltd,” said Matt Jacobs, Vice President Projects and Programmes Division, GS EMEA. “Sellafield recognise how our partnership is maturing and how by working together as one team we met our key targets with a performance rating of excellent. Key to our performance is PPP’s ‘Good to Great’ programme, led by KBR, with a range of activities being implemented to improve portfolio and programme benefits, alongside project delivery on a scale to match many of the world’s most complex infrastructure delivery programmes. We’re committed to working together with our partners to make PPP a success, there’s still lots to do and we're excited for what’s ahead.”

Martin Chown, Sellafield Ltd CEO, said, “To deliver our purpose of creating a clean and safe environment for future generations we’re investing in one of the largest portfolios of complex major projects in the country. Our Programme and Project Partners is an integral part of that, and three years into our partnership I’m pleased to be able to share how it is maturing.” "This year, PPP has helped us achieve all key targets at ‘excellent’ and all operating plan milestones were delivered. However, what I’m most proud of is the effort that has gone into strengthening relationships, given the model was deliberately built upon collaborative behaviours. As we move into year 4 of the partnership, our expectations of PPP performance increases, along with our duty to enable our partners in the most effective way,” Chown continued.

Since the birth of the partnership three years ago, it has successfully mobilised to undertake delivery responsibility for three in-flight major projects while also supporting the early delivery stages of two future major projects. KBR’s role centers around uniting the partnership and providing programme management expertise to transform traditional project by project delivery and maximise all the benefits that come from a highly collaborative programmatic approach.

The partnership has mobilised a team of approximately 1,500 personnel, including 350 KBR employees, delivering a portfolio worth over £337 million per annum that will enable the decommissioning and remediation of Sellafield’s legacy facilities.

Read the executive summary on GOV.UK.

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