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ROSE® Technology Webinar

02 Jun 2021


About the Topic

Refiners are facing significant challenges including a historic reduction in fuels demand and the early impact of IMO 2020 regulations. However, long-term forecasts show a growth in fuels demand through 2050, an increase in refining petrochemical integration, regional demand for lube products, and a drive to reduce carbon intensity. Refiners are able to meet these challenges and increase their refining margins by integrating KBR’s Supercritical Solvent De-Asphalting technology, ROSE®, with existing refinery assets in bottom-of-the-barrel (BoB) configurations.

During this webinar, KBR will highlight:

  • Versatility of ROSE® in BoB configurations including integration with FCC, Hydroprocessing, Lube Oil Processing, and Delayed Coking
  • Leveraging KBR’s experience to assess configurations that would be profitable to the refinery
  • Implementing ROSE® technology in existing conventional SDA units to improve margins, minimize OPEX, and reduce carbon footprint

KBR’s ROSE® process offers:

  • Industry-Leading Experience: Over 40 years of experience and expertise with nearly 70 ROSE® licenses and a combined licensed capacity of over 1.6 million BPSD
  • Cost-Effective Investments: Attractive investment opportunities with typical payback periods less than three years
  • Flexible Solutions: Ability to respond to market developments in fuel, lube, asphalt, and petrochemical applications



Aamir Laasi, Refining Technology Manager, KBR

Aamir is Refining Technology Manager at KBR Technology Solutions. Based in Houston, he is responsible for supporting the ROSE® technology and its associated product improvements and developments, alongside sales and proposal activities. He joined KBR in 2018 and has 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, with a progressive record in development of projects from concept through startup and leading design efforts. Aamir holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas, Austin.


Fabiano Iacono, Refining Technology Manager, KBR

Fabiano Iacono is a Refining Technology Manager in KBR. Based in London, Fabiano is involved in business development and Basic Design Execution, with particular focus on ROSE® Solvent Deasphalting, FCC, and MAXOFIN™ Technologies.

Fabiano joined KBR in 2018. He is Chartered Chemical Engineer with 19 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and various companies including Saipem and Bechtel. His responsibilities have included leading process design teams in various phases, ranging from feasibility study to detail engineering for licensed and open art units. He holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico of Milan University.


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