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Security Awareness in Fragile Environments (SAFE)

Courses for potentially fragile or hostile environments

Foreign & Commonwealth Office





The Foreign & Commonwealth Office sought a training provider to deliver Security Awareness in Fragile Environments (SAFE) courses to those travelling to potentially fragile or hostile environments as part of their commitment to maintain the safety and security of personnel for whom H.M. Government has a duty of care. Including officials working at the FCO’s Missions overseas and areas where the FCO advises against travel, including those with close protection teams, KBR provides a number of courses to provide pre-deployment training for delegates.

  • KBR delivers a number of courses, aiming to provide pre‐deployment training for officials travelling to, or working in fragile environments
  • Together with our Training Partner, COMERA Group we have been the preferred provider of SAFE related training for major Government Departments
  • Many private organisations have also benefited from the training as an important part of an employers duty of care

Training packages under the SAFE banner:

SAFE: Three day residential course designed to cover topics such as self defense, situational awareness, first aid, checkpoint drills, team building, conflict management, journey planning and briefing. Designed to have a mixture of classroom-based learning and live role-play scenarios in the outside training area. This course is designed for people being deployed to any area of the world. Valid four years.

SAFE+: For officials working with Close Protection teams going to hostile environments. A one-day extension to the SAFE course that covers extreme elements such as armored vehicles, close-protection teams and ballistic PPE. This course is designed for people being deployed to more challenging environments having already completed the SAFE course. Valid two years

SAFE Lite: For officers, and accompanying spouses, partners and dependents (aged 14+). This one-day course gives candidates the basic skills to stay safe and be situationally aware. A popular course for companies with work forces working on and around major cities, as well as for universities for gap-year students, overseas secondments, work placements, or on-campus students.

SAFE Refresher: For officials who have already completed the SAFE training prior to their last deployment.This two-day course refreshes the knowledge learned in the SAFE/SAFE+ courses and extends validity by another two–four years.

Self Defense – A one-day course (can be extended to cover more specialized areas) that covers use of force, various approved methods of release techniques, strikes and ground defense.

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  • More than 4,500 personnel have been trained in the first 3 years
  • Over 98% overall course satisfaction in all courses for year 2018
  • Ad hoc bespoke (VIP) briefings to high‐level individuals
  • Large training venue, outdoor and indoor facilities, suitable for practical, real-life scenarios
  • Candidate assessment reports are prepared at the end of each course, commenting on participants’ suitability for deployment
  • Delegates come from wherever in the world HM Government have employees, or if necessary, we can take the training to their environment
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