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Community Involvement

Committed to our communities

We believe that being a good corporate citizen is vital to our success. And we work hard to be a positive social force in the communities where we live and work.

Our people are extremely active in these communities, both in terms of charitable giving and outreach efforts. Since 2007, KBR has contributed nearly $20 million to benefit charitable causes around the globe, including our charity golf tournament, held annually in Houston, which has raised more than $8.4 million since 2007 for local and national nonprofit organizations.



Additionally, we’re dedicated to improving social mobility for local people in many of the areas where we operate. For years, we’ve provided access to apprenticeships, training, education and development opportunities, creating a career advantage that can have a lasting positive impact.

KBR One Ocean™

Sustainability Building Community



KBR’s commitment to sustainability pervades the entire business — from our executive leadership and corporate governance at the board level, to our supply chain practices and safety policies, to the world-class science, technology and engineering solutions we provide. We believe that sustainability is about doing what’s right for our planet, our people and our communities — and helping our customers do the same.

Perhaps nowhere is that commitment more evident than in our KBR One Ocean environmental education program.

One Ocean

One Ocean is a global collaboration between KBR employees, local schools and youth, and international environmental networks and organizations. The program is designed to inspire and attract students to careers in engineering and technology through education and mentorship, and by encouraging them to investigate and develop creative and practical solutions for environmental issues, particularly plastic pollution in our oceans.

With assistance from KBR employees, schools and organizations can access detailed lesson plans and resources and customize courses to suit the needs of their students, either online or in person. In addition to reaching students through the curriculum, KBR also engages with local schools and organizations to clean up beaches around the world.


We launched One Ocean in 2019 in six countries — including Saudi Arabia, India, Poland, Australia and the U.S. Since then, we’ve reach 1,500 students and have plans to expand the program to other locations.

One Ocean allows us to show the next generation that our industries can be leaders in producing creative, innovative solutions for sustainable development, and also helps us build long-term relationships in our communities, as well as a resilient talent pipeline, in a fun, collaborative way.


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We’re proud of our company and our work, and we would be happy to tell you more about it. Send us a message if you have any questions.

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