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Inclusion and Diversity

Better, Stronger, Together

Our employees are the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating collaborative environments that transcend cultures and geographical boundaries, where all ideas, viewpoints and input are heard, respected and considered. And while we’ve made tremendous progress, we’re always striving to be better.

We believe that all our individual differences are valuable. By embracing those differences and working together, we’re more innovative and resilient, safer, and better prepared to conquer any challenge.

“It is essential to our future that everyone — every single member of our ONE KBR team of teams — feels empowered and valued, and that they have the resources and opportunities to realize their full potential.”

– Stuart Bradie, KBR President and Chief Executive Officer

Women at KBR

Over the past seven years, KBR has made great strides toward creating an environment where women feel valued, where they can lead and where they can thrive. And women are helping lead conversations about areas for improvement across the company, such as gender parity, especially through ASPIRE, our employee-led resource group dedicated to the development of women and the promotion of gender diversity. In 2021 and 2022, KBR was recognized for its commitment to women with a spot in the top 100 of Forbes’ list of World’s Top Female-Friendly Employers.

Since 2016, the proportion of female representation on the KBR Board of Directors and executive leadership team (ELT) has been on the rise, with current female representation on the board at 30% and 25% on KBR’s ELT.

KBR employees after town hall at the Johnson Space Center
bar chart showing percentages of female headcounts
employees holding KBR flag
KBR-AMCDE employees

Our Focus on Pay Equity

We believe every employee should be fairly compensated for the skill, attitude and work ethic they bring to our team of teams. That’s why we’re using global data and continual engagement with our business leaders, managers and human resources partners to evaluate and monitor pay equity across the company.

Committed to a Diverse Workforce

At KBR, we respect and value the diversity of our people. We know that the cultures, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and gender identities that make us who we are as individuals also make us a better, more socially sustainable company. When promoted with our culture of inclusion, our diversity enhances innovation, improves decision-making and strengthens our company.

We have taken important steps to elevate and advance KBR’s focus on inclusion and diversity (I&D).

  • KBR has partnered with numerous external organizations that are helping us take meaningful action including Disability:IN, AMIE (Advancing Minorities’ Interest in Engineering) and Catalyst, Inc.
  • In 2020, KBR formed the Global I&D Council, which includes cross-functional business leaders from across the organization. The council reports directly to KBR’s CEO and ELT, and operates alongside the Sustainability Committee. The team’s mission is to review, assess and champion new initiatives that support KBR’s journey toward increased global diversity — and doing so in a way that promotes inclusivity and enhances our company’s "team of teams" culture.
  • In 2021, Stuart Bradie signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge to showcase that commitment.
  • We have sponsored a wide range of employee resource groups (ERGs) because we believe people should have opportunities and safe spaces to connect with others and to make an impact at KBR. Current ERGs include Pride and Allies (LGBTQIA+), Armed Forces Community (veterans) and ASPIRE (gender diversity).
  • We are using data to help inform our hiring practices and internal policies so we can ensure parity and enhance diversity. While we’ve made tremendous progress across all areas, we are always striving to be better informed and to continuously improve.
  • KBR’s Board of Directors has more than doubled its makeup of minority ethnic groups since 2020, with 30% Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) representation today — up from 11% in 2020.

Our people represent 120 nationalities from across the globe and reflect our commitment to being a global employer of choice.

Ring chart showing race/ethnicity statistics
Ring chart showing nationality statistics

Turning our Commitments into Action

Through the combined efforts of our employees and leadership team, KBR is committed to turning our I&D vision into tangible results. Here are some examples of areas where we are driving continuous improvement on our I&D journey.


Strengthening our inclusive culture and the level of diverse representation

  • Setting and tracking local business diversity goals to support our global I&D objectives
  • Measuring and monitoring employees’ senses of belonging through global surveys, followed by development of local and global action plans
  • Sharing results of our I&D performance with employees to ensure transparency, and including them in next steps
  • Continuing to ensure broad diversity of our Board of Directors


Broadening our approach to I&D

  • Expanding our employee resource groups dedicated to supporting women, BIPOC, veterans and employees with diverse races/ethnicities 
  • Implementing best practices and strategies to support employees with disabilities
  • Extending voluntary data capture in appropriate markets to include our employees’ sexual orientations and veteran statuses


Increasing representation in managerial roles

  • Strengthening diversity in our global leadership training programs by ensuring that 30% of participants are diverse
  • Enabling minority employees to take full advantage of career growth opportunities at KBR by supporting local coaching, mentoring and sponsorship programs
  • Sharing best practices for promoting and supporting the psychological safety of our diverse team of teams
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