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Inclusion and Diversity

Better, Stronger, Together

KBR’s culture is built on a commitment to Zero Harm — doing the right thing and making decisions that count for our planet, our communities, our business and, most importantly, our people.

Our employees are the heart of everything we do, and we are dedicated to creating collaborative environments that transcend cultures and geographical boundaries, where all ideas, viewpoints and input are heard, respected and considered. And while we’ve made tremendous progress, we’re always striving to be better.

We believe that all our individual differences and perspectives are valuable. By embracing those differences and working together, we’re more innovative and resilient, safer, and better prepared to conquer any challenge.

“It is essential to our future that everyone — every single member of our ONE KBR team of teams — feels empowered and valued, and that they have the resources and opportunities to realize their full potential.”

– Stuart Bradie, KBR President and Chief Executive Officer

Employee Experiences

At KBR, we value all of our employees for who they are. Their ideas and unique perspectives make us better and stronger. KBR’s commitment to inclusion fuels our passion and inspires our confidence to tackle any problem, deliver the most complex projects, and support the most difficult missions. Read more about our employees' experiences.


Working at KBR has allowed me to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Being a working parent has it’s challenges but KBR is fully supportive of the flexibility that it requires. KBR’s openness and support has allowed me to be successful at work and at hom
– Holly, Public Relations
I’m a firm believer that we should want our employees not just to feel as if they are a part of KBR but also that they belong at KBR. Based on the opportunities I’ve enjoyed, I feel as if I belong at KBR.
– Victor, Legal
KBR's communities of interests and employee resource groups are very unique and help me grow professionally, hone my skills and enable me to explore the opportunities within KBR. To me, these communities bring a sense of belonging at KBR and help me stay
– Tryphena, Technical Professional

Women at KBR

Over the past six years, KBR has made great strides toward creating an environment where women feel valued, where they can lead, and where they can thrive. And they are helping lead the conversation about improvements that can be made across the company to address parity, especially through ASPIRE, our employee-led resource group dedicated to the development of women and the promotion of gender diversity at KBR. Since 2016, the proportion of female representation on the KBR Board of Directors and ELT has increased by 23% and 19% respectively, with current female representation on the Board at 33% and 27% on KBR’s ELT.

Two women who work at KBR
2020 vs 2019 chart
A group of women around a conference table
Employees at KBR's Singapore office

Our Focus on Pay Equity

We believe every employee should be fairly compensated for the skill, attitude and work ethic they bring to our team of teams. That’s why we’re using global data and continual engagement with our business leaders, managers and HR partners to evaluate and monitor pay equity across the company.

Committed to a Diverse Workforce

At KBR, we respect and value the diversity of our people. We know that the cultures, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and gender identities that make us who we are as individuals also make us a better, more socially sustainable company. When promoted with our culture of inclusion, our diversity enhances innovation, improves decision-making and strengthens our company.

In order to elevate and advance KBR’s focus on inclusion and diversity (I&D), we formed the Global I&D Committee at the beginning of 2020 that includes cross-functional business leaders from across the organization. The committee reports directly to KBR’s CEO and Executive Leadership Team (ELT), and operates alongside the Sustainability Committee. The team’s mission is to review, assess and ultimately champion new initiatives that support KBR’s journey toward increased global diversity, and doing so in a way that promotes inclusivity and enhances our company’s team-of-teams culture.

We are using data to help inform our hiring practices and internal policies so that we can ensure parity and enhance diversity. While we’ve made tremendous progress across all areas, we are always striving to be better informed and continue to improve.

Our people represent 139 nationalities from across the globe and reflect our commitment to being a global employer of choice.

United Kingdom Diversity chart
United States Diversity chart
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