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Digital Asset Management

Asset Ikigai ®

Asset Optimization, Simplified

KBR Delivers Exceptional Value by Optimizing Physical Asset Portfolios

Your physical asset portfolio is key to mission success. That’s why KBR used its 40+ years of experience as a trusted provider of mission-critical services to create Asset Ikigai®, an ISO-55001 certified next generation asset management solution. Asset Ikigai® is driving big data analytics when making the right decisions matter most.

A New Way of Thinking

The world is starting to think differently about how physical assets should be managed from a narrow, process-focused, maintenance-centric paradigm to a multi-disciplinary, interdependent, asset-focused approach. The new paradigm embraces the entire asset lifecycle and encompasses capital reinvestment, maintenance, and energy and sustainability. It also recognizes that the need to manage risk drives the need for asset management.

The new paradigm is emerging against the backdrop of rapid technological change. The cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart sensors, and artificial intelligence/machine learning are a few of the new tools available for asset management.



Technological and managerial paradigm shifts provide new value-creation opportunities to improve asset management outcomes for organizations in the form of cost reduction and mission readiness improvement. How can organizations strategically navigate the changing asset management environment? How can customers avoid haphazardly chasing after every new technology they see? How can organizations move into the new asset management world rapidly but in a planned, controlled manner? How can customers maximally leverage the investments in management systems they have already made?

KBR helps organizations take the journey into the new asset management world through its NxAM framework - Asset Ikigai®.

Why KBR?

The Asset Ikigai® framework is designed to be simpler, faster and less expensive to implement than an in-house solution.

Asset management is critical for peak performance and, when it’s mission-critical, customers call KBR.

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