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Evaporation Technologies

Ecoplanning has a vast experience to provide a wide range of evaporation processes to chemical process industry for concentrating inorganic and organic solutions, acids and bases. Ecoplanning is a leading supplier for systems concentrating and recycling dilute sulfuric acid streams.

Evaporation in general is a thermal separation process for separation of volatile component(s) from the solution. It is widely needed and utilized in process industry for concentrating solutions and/or recover solvent fraction.

Ecoplanning provides wide range of tailor made evaporation systems for various process solutions. A range of Ecoplanning evaporator processes and equipment are custom designed for dilute acid streams to increase acid concentration and, in many cases for purpose to recycle the acid back to main process.

Many of Ecoplanning evaporators are built for environmental reasons such as decrease the volume of harmful effluent, to make possible to recycle effluent, for easier transport or to obtain a sellable product, for example from dilute waste acid streams. The most suitable evaporator type is carefully chosen taking into consideration numerous factors, such as physical properties of the product (boiling point elevation, viscosity, sensitivity to temperature etc.), scaling or foaming tendency, impurity content, corrosiveness etc.

“In order to ensure optimum operation, construction material selection and utilization, each evaporation process is tailor-made for the every application.”

Ecoplanning delivers evaporation technologies such as:

  • Falling film evaporators
  • Forced circulation evaportators
  • Rising film evaporators
  • Vapour recompression evaporators (TVR, MVR)
  • Plate type evaporators

Some industry segments, where Ecoplanning evaporation technologies are applied, are highlighted as follows:

Fertilizer industry:

KBR provides world-leading phosphoric acid evaporation and purification technology (technical and food grade phosphoric acid production) and evaporation technology for concentration of various fertilizer liquors.

Metallurgical industry:

Applications include concentration of highly diluted spent sulfuric acid streams as well as evaporation and purification of lithium brines, lithium mineral concentrates and metal slurries, e.g. from recycling of batteries.

Chlor-Alkali Industry:

Modern chlor-alkali plants applying membrane technology typically produce caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) with approx. 30-32% concentration, which often need further concentration to typically 50%, which can efficiently be achieved using Ecoplanning evaporation technology. Ecoplanning also provides brine evaporators.

Pigment & Dye Industry:

Purification, evaporation and recycling of sulfuric acid (typically to 68 – 72%) in the sulfate process of titanium dioxide pigment manufacturing.

Food industry:

Concentration of sugar juice, vinasses and molasses and production of purified food-grade phosphoric acid.

Chemical Industry:

Ecoplanning evaporators are applied for various inorganic and agricultural products, such as for process liquor evaporation, calcium chloride evaporation (de-icing) etc.

Circular Economy application such as ZERO Liquid discharge.

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