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Industrial Program Management

With decades of experience in industrial projects, KBR provides the program management services needed to successfully deliver the solutions that are right for your project.

KBR has been chosen as a key partner by many of our global clients seeking to successfully develop, execute, deliver and operate industrial assets that meet or exceed their business plans, safely, on time, and within budget.  From initial concept evaluation and prefeasibility studies to bidding, award, execution to commissioning, start-up and operation, industrial projects may have a high degree of technical or logistic complexity. For a century, we’ve helped our customers achieve success in some of the largest projects in the most challenging locations on Earth by following a simple strategy: safe, innovative, on-time and on-budget delivery for quality projects of any size or scope. 

“For a century, we’ve helped our customers achieve success in some of the largest projects in the most challenging locations on Earth.”

Supporting the project from conception to completion, our integrated management teams work collaboratively to provide the solutions that are right for your project.

Our program management experts and resources are available where and when they are needed to support the project. Our collaborative and integrated Program Management work practices, systems, and a complete suite of web-enabled planning, execution, monitoring, auditing, and delivery completion tools supplement Owner systems during all phase of a program.  These practices, systems and tools have been developed, tested, and deployed on many large and small projects in all sectors of the Industrial Market segment, including both upstream and downstream energy, chemicals, and infrastructure, globally.

Our established work methods for project definition and delivery include SmartSpend®, value improvement practices, digitalization, and object engineering. And always, safety and quality are our top values, which we achieve through the application of best practices and lessons learned from our previous successes.

Our comprehensive, integrated program management services include:

  • Providing early definition and planning
  • Site selection and site layout planning
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and permit application support
  • Value improvement cost estimation and project economics
  • Technology selection, process optimization, and utility integration
  • Modularization, constructability, and logistics planning
  • Preparation and maintenance of Project Standards and Specifications and Technical Quality Assurance
  • Planning and executing the bidding process for third-party suppliers of technology, materials, and services
  • Deployment of Integrated Project Management System
  • Global Discipline Leadership Team and Office of Chief Engineer
  • Managing the site or sites for the project
  • Providing the necessary infrastructure and support services to ensure project success
  • Handling all contractor and supplier inquiries and claim analysis
  • Providing interface management and services
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress of work and budgets
  • Deployable global data management platform and Digital project delivery
  • Commissioning and startup assistance and oversight
  • Providing Project Financing support, especially through US EXIM bank and its global counterparts

Industrial Program Management Opportunities

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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