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KBR can safely plan, execute and complete your plant shutdown and turnaround through an integrated digitally-enabled governance system.

Turnarounds are a vital part of maintaining safety, productivity and competitive advantage in any industrial setting. There are critical equipment maintenance, updates and replacements that simply cannot occur with the plant in operation. Every day a plant remains offline is a day of lost productivity and revenue, but continuing to operate without necessary performance and safety improvements can also have a significant impact on your bottom line. KBR’s integrated project management experience in handling multimillion dollar projects across the globe leverages to deliver best-in-class Turnaround Management services & knowledge base​ and a global TAR footprint.

"Facilities of all sizes trust KBR to manage their turnarounds and return their plants to operational status as quickly as possible."

We have developed a fully integrated seven-phase turnaround process managed by three tiers of governance, representing global best practice. We are able to show visible tracking of all phases through 4D scheduling and systems completion for a multi-disciplinary solution delivering integrity in real-time to support an optimized start-up program and stable operations. Smart solutions integrate with existing processes to significantly decrease administrative burdens, reduce costly errors and easily integrates people, processes, and technology, regardless of location.

We understand the importance of swift, successful plant turnarounds to the overall success of your operations, and we have a proven record of staying on schedule and on budget without compromising quality or safety.

Turnarounds Experience

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