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Commercial Cloud & Mission Service Platform

KBR VaaultSM: Providing 24/7 managed storage and connectivity when and where you need it most.

KBR Vaault is a purpose-built, secure cloud-based platform providing the U.S. Government and commercial customers with an accredited FedRAMP High+IL5 that allows for rapid deployment, configuration, and Authority to Operate (ATO). KBR Vaault supports multiple missions that integrate and secure commercial cloud computing, mobile edge technologies, telecommunications, and mobile networks into managed commercial services to aid our customers' most critical projects.

KBR built the Vaault platform from the ground up specifically to support U.S. Federal Agencies and offers various areas of expertise, including one of its prime services, Public Safety Digital Evidence Management.

Secure Cloud-based Platform

KBR Vaault meets NIST SP 800-53 and NIST SP 800-37 security requirements with 24x7x365 continuous service monitoring for security events, vulnerabilities, network connectivity issues, data retrieval support, security patches, and system scanning. Our unique approach to security includes packaged solutions, managed services, and support services within the security boundaries. The agility and flexibility built into the platform allows KBR to tailor offerings to precisely fit the needs of each mission.

KBR Vaault’s use of automation and agile practices for continuous improvement increases efficiency and makes it able to adapt to changes quickly. This benefits customers by enabling them to quickly adopt leading-edge technologies and not having to maintain legacy systems.

Mission Ready

Unlike other general purpose cloud offerings, KBR Vaault provides the end-to-end mission understanding, support and boundary to ensure mission success. KBR Vaault’s service and support desk provide dedicated technicians and service delivery professionals who take the time to fully understand your mission. Each installation of KBR Vaault includes the detailed discovery and training necessary to provide solutions that are uniquely designed to meet your needs. All of this while providing maximum efficiency for your operating budget.

Enterprise-wide Solution

KBR Vaault is a true enterprise-wide solution built on a secure, flexible, scalable, and resilient architecture, which delivers a dependable turnkey solution, decreases transition time, and lowers total cost of ownership. KBR Vaault uses and integrates physical infrastructure and private networks to provide IT capabilities to support customers’ missions. It also integrates mobile edge technologies to improve response times and save bandwidth.

The platform meets Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 security requirements with end-to-end encryption from edge devices to the cloud data center with all customers’ data encrypted in transit and at rest. The platforms have the agility and elasticity for each offering to be tailored to meet each customer's specific needs. Additionally, KBR Vaault customers own their data forever. KBR does not charge fees for customers to retrieve or archive their data.

Contact Us

KBR Vaault is delivered by a team of industry-leading hardware and software vendors and small business service providers. The team has vast experience with DoD, federal, state, and local agencies across the United States.

For more details about KBR’s commercial cloud and mission service platform, visit KBR Vaault on the FedRAMP Marketplace website. To learn more about how our team can directly support your mission, reach out to our leadership today.


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