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Mission Engineering

For any objective or environment, KBR engineers, technicians and test pilots have the industry knowledge, innovative tools, and experience to fuel mission success to new heights.

When success depends on technology to achieve specific objectives, the world’s leading government agencies and commercial enterprises rely on KBR’s engineering solutions. We have the bandwidth and expertise to design and manage any project from development to sustainment, no matter the hardware or system. Our work has helped capture and record spaceflight data, connect ground communications systems with orbiting satellites, and guide the testing and evaluation of cutting-edge software and weapons systems. KBR has extensive experience in all phases of space flight instrument development, including design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly and testing. We provide the specialized hardware, including telescopes with opto-mechanical hardware, optics, and advanced sensors, to meet demanding requirements for space missions.

“We have the bandwidth and expertise to design and manage any project from development through sustainment.”

Even more, KBR maintains one of the world’s largest independent test flight organizations. Together with KBR teams on the ground, they help design and execute flight test operations, as well as analyze critical test data for the acquisition, deployment and improvement of multiple systems.

KBR partners with the U.S. DoD to train pilots and aircrewmen from around the globe on more than 43 type, model, series (TMS) aircraft.

One of KBR’s key assets at all stages of mission life cycle management are prototype development via additive manufacturing. Our Development and Integration (DI) Program uses AS9100 certified processes to develop, design, manufacture, modify, repair, rework, reverse engineer, integrate, test, install and sustain components and complex aerospace mission systems.

Utilizing 3D CAD/CAM design and analysis tools, metrology grade 3D scanners, high-end industrial additive manufacturing 3D printers, and post-processing cleaning systems, KBR rapidly realizes the physical creation of virtual solid-model designs using innovative printed plastic and electronic parts. These capabilities are routinely used for test and evaluation of concept mock-ups, saving time, money, and reducing mission risk.

Mission Engineering Opportunities

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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