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Launch Infrastructure & Range Operations

Using advanced computer-aided engineering and analysis software, KBR experts guide multi-phase operations with forward-looking design, fabrication, test, and analysis to ensure mission success.

KBR offers wide-ranging engineering and analysis services to develop solutions to meet performance, schedule, and budget requirements for government customers both large and small.

Launch Vehicle Operations

KBR experts provide launch vehicle and range operations support for NASA and its key commercial partners including radar, telemetry, logistics, tracking, flight termination capability, meteorological services, and communications services.

KBR supports flight vehicles such as orbital and suborbital rockets, aircraft, satellites, balloons, and unmanned aerial systems. With each launch, our mission is to provide small and medium sized vehicle operators with the services needed to execute successful and safe launches on the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia peninsula.

KBR experts also aid NASA with range services including launch control center and test facility management, range technology engineering services and IT needs, which encompass testing, modifying, and installing communications and electronic systems at launch facilities.

Innovative Design and Analysis

KBR provides complete design-cycle services, such as procurement specifications, computer-aided design (CAD) models and drawings, and analysis packages, through construction to verification and validation for launch infrastructure needs.

As part of this process, KBR engineers assist with materials selection, constructability, and maintainability with a focus on minimizing costs while ensuring products meet all code and performance requirements. Launch infrastructure design encompasses everything from large tubular structures, such as transport erector, mobile launch towers and umbilicals to rocket engine test stands, aerospace access stands, handling and access equipment, aerospace ground support equipment (pneumatic regulation panels and valve skids), as well as precision machine assemblies and motion systems.

For more than 30 years, KBR analysts have also supported research and development for NASA and commercial launch service providers. KBR implements analysis services early in the design phase to dramatically reduce project risks by identifying potential failure points before fabrication has even begun. Additionally, KBR engineers help with experimental and numerical simulations of jet and launch duct acoustics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and thermal-fluids analysis, design, testing and development of single and multi-phase flow systems.

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