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Concept & Plan Development

Understanding and strategic planning are essential for every program, project, revamp and current operation. KBR delivers the concept and plan development solutions to overcome challenges and meet objectives.

With a broad understanding of technical, cost, economic and regulatory issues that downstream plants and facilities face, our highly experienced master planning consultants provide a clear vision and framework for future success. Conducting a strategic analysis and providing insight for various scenarios, we can provide a custom, multi-year roadmap for developing competitive production and processing assets.

“Our highly experienced master planning consultants provide a clear vision and framework for future success.”

Our goal is to help you select the optimum processing scheme to meet your business objectives. We design the most cost-effective plans for monetizing oil and gas assets. We can match the processing scheme of a grassroots facility to product-demand forecasts. We’ll help you maximize upstream and downstream integration. And we can design major revamps that lower feedstock cost, upgrade product quality, or reduce energy consumption. For any need, we’ll provide a master plan report that includes, but isn’t limited to:

Early Stage Concept Selection

  • Market overview and trends analysis
  • Market-based process configurations development
  • Existing and new technology options analysis and development
  • Preliminary material and energy balance and block flow diagrams
  • Conceptual stage economics

Concept Development

  • Full market study
  • Feedstock supply options
  • Product supply/demand and quality
  • Configuration and concept selection
  • Technology selection
  • Process configuration optimization
  • Capital cost estimation

Project Scope Definition

  • Final complex configuration
  • Product and feedstock volumes and quantities
  • Final block flow diagram
  • Utilities and offsite requirements
  • Overall project schedule
  • Complex plot plan
  • Capital and operating cost estimates
  • Project execution strategy
  • Financial analysis
  • Environmental assessment
  • Risk analysis

Concept & Plan Development Opportunities

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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