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Study of Hydrogen Imports and Downstream Applications for Singapore

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KBR and Argus have issued a report on Hydrogen Imports and Downstream applications for Singapore. This report was commissioned by the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS), Strategy Group, in the Prime Minister’s Office in Singapore, in conjunction with the Singapore Economic Development Board and Energy Market Authority.

This report assesses potential sources of hydrogen imports to Singapore, suitable downstream applications of imported hydrogen, identify Research and Development opportunities to advance hydrogen technologies in Singapore, and recommend solutions to address hydrogen-related policy and regulatory challenges.

This report presents the analysis and assessment of the potential deployment pathways for Singapore to develop a hydrogen economy. Alongside a dynamic model of the landed costs and breakeven process of hydrogen, this report presents the techno-economic assessment of the hydrogen supply chain from 2020 to 2050 including:

  • Hydrogen production methods
  • Hydrogen carriers
  • Sources of hydrogen import
  • Downstream sectors for the deployment of hydrogen
  • Potential Hydrogen Deployment Pathways for Singapore
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