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Roadmap for Sustainable Defence Support

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Roadmap for Sustainable Defence Support

Publish Date:
05 Aug 2020

KBR’s Government and Technology Solutions teams have been the lead authors and curator for a joint MOD/Industry white paper, titled Roadmap for Sustainable Defence Support, which supports the MOD’s drive to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 (NZ50). It proposes a roadmap to support areas of the MOD (especially CDLS) to play a leading role in transforming UK Defence support to achieve NZ50.

This paper discusses how UK forces could adapt to being carbon efficient and where possible carbon neutral, whilst protecting operational capability yet sustaining force elements at home and when deployed overseas. Proposing  a Carbon Measurement Framework for Defence and where the implementation of alternative fuels can impact the main emitters without impacting operational capability.

Addressing climate change is now a top priority for the UK Government. It’s NZ50 target, enshrined in the Climate Change Act, makes a binding commitment based on the science underpinning the Paris Agreement.

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