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New Royal Air Force Trainer is 'Ready to Fly'

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New Royal Air Force Trainer is 'Ready to Fly'

Publish Date:
16 Aug 2017

​A joint venture between KBR and Elbit Systems UK is celebrating its recent success after its first aircraft took flight, kicking off full service delivery for the UK's Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Grob 120TP / ‘Prefect’

Appointed in 2016, Affinity Flying Training Services is charged with renewing and optimising the fixed wing training aircraft that will enable a smooth path through the system for future young pilots. Under the deal, Affinity will procure, operate and maintain aircraft and aircraft related infrastructure, through to 2033.

The training aircraft will include three aircraft types; the Grob G 120TP 'Prefect' for elementary flying training, the Beechcraft 'Texan' T-6C for basic flying training and the Embraer 'Phenom' 100 for multi-engine pilot training.

Martin Fausset, CEO Elbit Systems UK, Air Marshall Reynolds, UK MOD, Peter Smart, Chairman Affinity Flying Training Services, Andrew Barrie, Head of Government Services (EMEA), Reuven Alon, Vice President Elbit Systems Ltd. Pictured with a Phenom aircraft, one of the other aircraft types in the fleet.

Only last month, 'The Prefect', achieved Military Release to Service, another landmark moment which coincided with a major military flying event in the UK - where the MOD were able to view all three aircraft types on display.

Andrew Barrie, Head of Government Services EMEA, said:

"This has been a momentous few weeks with all three aircraft types coming together for the first time, the release to service of the Grob 120T 'Prefect' – and culminating in the first operational military flight at RAF Barkston Heath. This is a great example of us delivering the most challenging government sponsored projects and it is a huge testament to the team that we delivered on time and on budget."

Andrew Barrie, Head of Government Services (EMEA), KBR and Reuven Alon, Vice President, Elbit Systems Ltd.

The 'Prefect', which will be based at RAF Cranwell, is one of a total of 18 aircraft that will be delivered under the programme this year.  A total of 38 aircraft will have been delivered by the end of next year.

Iain Chalmers, Managing Director of Affinity Flying Training Services, said:

"The Prefect offers a step change in elementary flying training capability which incorporates the latest digital glass cockpit technology – a great first step on the ladder for all our future pilots.

"This marks the start of the service provision by Affinity to the UK Military Flying Training System programme and we are very excited to be supporting Ascent and the MOD in the training of our military aircrew."

Grob 120TP / ‘Prefect’

Affinity was selected by Ascent Flight Training to provide and maintain the Fixed Wing aircraft selected for the UKMFTS programme. The UKMFTS takes United Kingdom Armed Forces aircrew from Elementary through Basic to Advanced flying training phases preparing them for their arrival at their designated Operational Conversion Units.

The project will be overseen by KBR's Government Services EMEA team in Leatherhead.

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