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New Horizons with Aaron Fowler

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Saudi Aaron

If you’ve paid attention to any of KBR’s social media channels over the past several years, chances are you’ve seen Aaron Fowler — and rarely, it seems, in the same place twice!

Aaron currently serves as chief operating officer of KBR’s Infrastructure Solutions Australia business. But Australia has been but one port of call for a career at KBR that has spanned nearly two decades.

“I was fascinated by the multitude of different KBR businesses that exist around the globe and was eager to understand what they were all about,” said Aaron. “Plus, my family and I are an adventurous team and decided we would pursue international roles and immerse our children in many cultures and places before they eventually headed to high school.”

Aaron has fully embraced the opportunity to pursue his career goals at KBR in a variety of locales, from his native Australia to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and back! KBR Global Mobility has given him the chance to work with talented KBR teams all over the world, while also learning about their diverse cultures, religions, languages, cuisine and everything in between.

“I’ve been fortunate to learn about my global teammates and their cultures, but also crucially Global Mobility has helped me gain a different perspective on how we approach our clients’ challenges and problems, and the solutions we offer them,” he said. “It’s been a constant learning experience, one for which I’m very grateful, not only professionally, but also for the way that it’s shaped my family.”

Over the years, Aaron has met ambassadors, local dignitaries, members of parliament, celebrity footballers and the occasional prince or princess. His children have learned conversational Bahasa, Arabic and Mandarin. Wherever in the world KBR has taken the Fowler family, they’ve embraced the chance to experience something new.

“Of course there’s a long list of logistical challenges that goes with relocating,” Aaron said. “Fortunately, KBR Global Mobility makes that part easier so you can be researching and learning about the new local culture and its customs. Then once you’re there, immerse yourself! Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Embedding yourself in the local community and really learning about what makes the culture tick will not only help you settle in, but it will also accelerate your new role or career opportunity.”


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