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KBR’s Water Solutions Team Strengthens Position as Trusted Advisor in Australia

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KBR’s Water Solutions Team Strengthens Position as Trusted Advisor in Australia

Publish Date:
29 Nov 2021

Do you ever consider how the water to your home or business is sourced? The water we use every day is constantly challenged by climate change, water security and carbon emissions, just to name a few.  KBR is helping to meet these challenges head on as we support our customers to deliver future-proof water solutions for our planet, our people, and our industries.

KBR’s Infrastructure Services (IS) business in Australia recently expanded its team to offer full water cycle solutions with the introduction of Water Solutions, a specialised new team of industry leading economists and strategic thinkers who help customers tackle complex challenges by providing early-phase strategic solutions that unlock pathways toward realising the best water outcomes for regional communities and industries in Australia.

Water Solutions joins IS Australia during an exciting growth phase for our business, complementing existing engineering, design and program and portfolio management consultancy business lines. Our broad capabilities enable us to support customers at a wholistic level and offer our customers end-to-end strategic solutions, strengthening KBR’s foothold as a leader in the Australian water industry.

Driven by customer demand for water products and the true economic value of investments, the team operates through three predominant streams. First, we help organisations identify options for water infrastructure projects, through which they undertake stakeholder engagement and develop strategic and technical business cases that assess the feasibility of regional irrigation and agricultural projects and urban water schemes.

Secondly, we establish deep customer partnerships at this early phase, opening the door to offer pre-construction support where the team uses their superior organisational and economic expertise to guide projects from funding approval through to delivery.

The third stream involves strategic client-side support blending seamlessly into integrated customer teams to build councils’ and water organisations’ capability, placing them in a position to deliver projects that ensure the long-term water security of Australia’s regions, helping to grow agricultural and value-added sectors and strengthen the regions’ ability to respond to climate challenges.

KBR’s approach, upheld by fostering trusted customer partnerships and exercising our unmatched knowledge of the industry, has proved successful to date in winning several work packages to sustain our leading position in the industry. Just some of the projects KBR has secured thus far involve performing an Organisation Review for the Central Coast Council and developing Detailed Business Cases for new irrigation schemes for Coalstoun Lakes Water and the Hughenden Irrigation Project in Queensland.

Stretching south of the nation, KBR has secured the Detailed Business Case for the Barossa New Water Project where our team is providing the South Australian Government with a strategy that will help deliver strategic water supply solutions and bring recycled water to the Barossa and Eden Valleys. 

“We are proud to grow our presence as a trusted advisor in the Water industry and welcome the new Water Solutions team to supplement our existing business lines,” said Ray Mahony, Director, Consulting Services, Infrastructure Services Australia. “KBR remains committed to offering our customers end to end strategic solutions across the full water cycle and creating cleaner, more sustainable future.”

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