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KBR's Affinity Flying Services JV Ascends to New Heights in Recent Milestones

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KBR's Affinity Flying Services JV Ascends to New Heights in Recent Milestones

Publish Date:
11 Oct 2018

Affinity Flying Services, a joint venture established by KBR and Elbit Systems UK, continues to deliver on its contract with the UK Ministry of Defence by providing training aircrafts for the UK MOD in a phased time period over a number of years. Thirty-eight modern, glass cockpit training aircrafts will be used as part of a world class training solution to instruct the next generation of UK militia. The Affinity team provides the support for the fixed wing element of the UK Military Flying Training System (MFTS) program.

In the two and a half short years since contract signature in February of 2016, Affinity has progressed enormously. The group has delivered on a number of initiatives including construction and renovation of facilities across three military sites and purchase and delivery of three aircraft fleets from Europe, South America and North America. The Affinity team has also recruited over 100 licenced and qualified staff and provided certification of civilian and military certification of personnel, premises and aircrafts. Most recently, Affinity successfully graduated its first group of pilots from the Elementary Flying Training course.

RAF Barkston Heath has been fully operational and delivering a steady state service since March 2018. With a fleet of 11 Grob 120TP 'Prefect' aircraft, the Affinity team delivers serviceable aircraft to the Army and Navy training squadrons in their Elementary Flying Training phase – the first step to becoming a military pilot. This phase of training focuses on the general handling aspects of the aircraft but also incorporates navigation and instrument flying to be developed in future phases of training.

The Affinity team continues to soar to notable milestones and accomplishments in delivering for the UK Military Flying Training System and MOD RAF Cranwell supports both Elementary Flying Training and Multi-Engine Pilot Training with 12 Grob 120TP 'Prefect' aircraft and 5 Embraer 'Phenom' 100 aircraft. The Elementary Flying Training portion of the operation will reach steady state delivery in October this year, delivering serviceable aircraft to the RAF training squadron. The Phenoms, delivering Multi-Engine Pilot Training, have been flying since April this year and will reach full service delivery in February 2019, outputting students ready for their final stage of training on frontline Multi-Engine aircraft such as the A400M or C17 Globemaster.

RAF Valley has taken delivery of the first 6 of 10 Beechcraft 'Texan' T-6C; the remaining 4 of which are due for delivery by the end of the year. Having been recently licenced and accredited by the CAA and MAA, the facility is ready to go. The Texan's military Release to Service is the final component in this process and we eagerly await the final RTS from the UK MOD by the end of this year. The Texan delivers Basic Fast Jet Training, honing and developing the skills already learnt on Elementary Flying Training and incorporating the tactical element of airborne warfare.

Affinity continues to progress and develop in line or ahead of planned timescales and budget, delivering an outstanding service to both the client and customer and contributing to the UK Military Flying Training System enterprise alongside other industry partners for the MOD. As ever, Affinity is ready to fly.

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