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KBR Teams Demonstrate Dedication to Local Communities

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KBR is deeply committed to giving back to local communities worldwide. Our employees actively engage in various philanthropic efforts, from volunteering their time and resources to organizing donation drives and environmental cleanups. Whether it's supporting healthcare initiatives, mentoring young minds, or dedicating volunteer hours to community projects, the KBR team consistently demonstrates its dedication to making a positive impact. There is no shortage of ways our team contributes, reflecting our core values of service and responsibility.

Food from the Heart Drive at KBR Singapore 

In honor of Zero Harm Day 2024, KBR’s team in Singapore organized a food donation drive supporting local charity Food from the Heart. Food from the Heart is focused on alleviating hunger and reducing food waste through sustainable food support. KBR employees and clients contributed items from the provided wish list such as biscuits, canned vegetables, soup and rice to help those in need. The charity relies on these drives to pack over 10,000 food packs monthly for the underprivileged.

One Ocean Beach Cleanup in Honor of Earth Day

KBR's Houston area employee resource groups, including IMPACT, Armed Forces Community, Pride & Allies, MERGE, ASPIRE and Ok NoW, organized a Galveston beach cleanup in honor of Earth Day. Over 60 volunteers participated in the One Ocean cleanup, picking up trash along Galveston beach. The event was a great success, with many friends and families of KBR employees joining the effort to keep Texas beaches clean.

KBR’s Extends Partnership with HelpAge India 

KBR is proud to further its partnership with HelpAge India, a leading charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly by providing vital healthcare services. Most recently, KBR funded free cataract surgeries for 100 economically disadvantaged elderly individuals across Gurugram, Chennai, Pune, and Bangalore. 

This program aimed to improve the quality of life for each patient, empowering them to maintain independence and autonomy.

KBR has also partnered with HelpAge India to operate three Mobile Healthcare Units (MHUs). In the past two years, the ambulances have provided 52,194 treatments to patients in Nandanam, Gurugram and Pune.

Food for Others Power Pack Program (P3)

KBR business development team members in the Government Solutions US business came together to package food for the Power Pack Program. This organization provides weekend meal packs to Fairfax County Public School students experiencing food insecurity. It currently serves 45 schools.

The team organized donated food into 2-gallon Ziplock bags containing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items. Team members also generated cards of encouragement to place in each bag. The group was able to fill 200 bags ready to delivery within 90 minutes!

KBR Bike Team: Pedaling to Find a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

KBR’s bike team recently completed the 2024 Texas MS150 ride, the 40th annual charity ride, a 180-mile journey from Houston to College Station in support of finding a cure for multiple sclerosis. With 18 members, including employees, family, and friends, the team raised $56,000 for MS research. The event highlighted their dedication, safety, and community spirit, earning them Gold Safety awards for the past three years by the MS Society. Team Co-Captain Sandra Stransky emphasized their commitment to supporting MS research, while Safety Coordinator Frank Richter reiterated their focus on rider safety.

In addition, KBR team members volunteer at the team’s overnight stay in La Grange. Their support keeps the team going and encourages them to make it to the finish line on day two.

Each year, the team prepares to go the distance with training and commitment to the cause. They continue to welcome team members to the KBR Bike Team. If you would like to join the team for the 2025 MS 150, please contact any of the team members or Team Co-Captain Sam Stransky.

Aspire's Mission to Empower Through Education

As a commitment in 2024, KBR’s Aspire ERG chapter in India embarked on a transformative journey, focusing on education and empowerment. Explore their inspiring commitment to shaping the future of 10 students.

In Chennai, the Aspire team started to work with a local government school in Chennai, where the team engaged with ninth-grade students to motivate them to embrace STEM education.

The initiative, supported by KBR employees and featuring ongoing interactions and guidance, includes sponsoring the education of 10 students. 

Aspire takes great pride in supporting students' education and being a part of shaping the lives of young minds. The journey has only just begun, with the upcoming monthly meetings serving as milestones in paving the way for a brighter, more empowered future for these young minds. 

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