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KBR Stands Out with New Virtual Reality Solutions

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Virtual reality was once just used for videos and games but in the last few years the technology has taken on a new life with uses in every field and industry imaginable. KBR has recently joined the virtual reality (VR) world – bringing solutions to clients in a way never done before with a full range of services from modeling, simulation and training support.

KBR offers analysis, design, and development of VR programs for clients to use for training or to interact with an engineering design in a realistic, low cost way. In initial stages of a concept, clients are provided with a visualization of the platform, facility, vessel or building being designed which is created from multiple sources like drawings and engineering data. This 3D visualization can be enhanced as a virtual reality experience, giving stakeholders the opportunity to 'walk through' the design and interact with the enabled components. From the visualization stage, KBR's team can create simulations using the same 3D models and can either be as elaborate and complex or as simple as stakeholders want. These simulations can also be used on a PC or a virtual reality headset. Experience shows that early simulation can help identify safety and engineering issues so they can be resolved early on to avoid costly or dangerous conditions later.

Attendees try out KBR’s virtual reality technology at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.

Moreover, the same 3D model can be put to further use to help workers become familiarized with the new facility as well as for training purposes before anyone ever steps foot on the actual site. Clients can use the model for employees to 'free play' in the 3D or virtual reality environment, where workers simply get to know the new workplace, or it can be created to induct workers into a site or section of the overall facility. The highly immersive virtual reality environments provide a realistic training experience from safety procedures to engineering. Once the facility is active, the 3D model is repurposed and enhanced as a part-task trainer for maintainers, trade workers and facility operators. In short, it is a 'build once – use many times' approach that has numerous benefits for the client throughout the project lifecycle.

KBR’s virtual reality technology is ‘A Tool for the 21st Century’ and was recently on display for customers to experience at the Offshore Technology Conference.

Michael Hardy oversees KBR's Australia-based Training Solutions team and has traveled the world to help KBR clients better realize the many uses for this technology. "Virtual reality is very exciting. We have been able to harness this technology to differentiate KBR – especially in the area of modeling; an approach that no one else in the industry has taken," Hardy said. "Not only is KBR using VR to simulate a walkthrough of a facility at the functional design stage but we've been able to effectively turn it into a long term training tool, enabling a client's workforce to quickly be job ready. This technology allows for a fast return on investment and has sustainable business benefits," he continued.

KBR is proud to work with customers across the globe to provide innovative and cost-effective technologies and solutions, and value-added services to ensure consistent delivery with predictable results to achieve the most successful result positive for customers.

KBR’s Graham Hill, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development & Strategy (left), gives a virtual tour of an offshore platform using KBR’s VR technology.

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