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KBR Shares Expertise at Space Industry Conference

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KBR's business strategy has shifted the company towards a more balanced portfolio, expanding our Government Services business, which includes a move into the space industry through our recent acquisition of two companies with a long history of working with NASA. KBR's expanded government services business, KBRwyle, has unique capabilities as a technology and high end professional services company in the U.S. federal services sector. KBR's long-time contracting experience, combined with KBRwyle's technical capabilities, offer some unique opportunities for KBR and our clients. The KBR and KBRwyle team recently had the occasion to provide insight from our combined experience at SpaceCom, an industry leading space conference in Houston, Texas.

KBRwyle exhibitor booth at SpaceCom, an industry leading conference and exposition.

Graham Hill, KBR's Executive Vice President, Global Business Development & Strategy, gave a keynote address at SpaceCom which described KBR's experience in working with governmental agencies to achieve creative outsourcing solutions and how that experience can translate to the space arena. Hill described the company's firsthand experience with complex private financing initiatives (PFI) for government projects in the UK and discussed ways NASA could also apply the PFI model to further develop the capabilities needed for sustainable space exploration in a cost-effective manner. "After all, NASA's requirements are very similar to those of KBR's other customers, where we provide affordable mission critical services from within a strong safety and mission assurance culture," Hill said.

Photo courtesy of SpaceCom

Vernon McDonald, President of KBRwyle's Science, Technology and Engineering (ST&E) division, also took part at SpaceCom where he facilitated a panel discussion on imaging technology which NASA pioneered to study planets and stars, but is also now used in the medical, marine and energy industries. The panel explored new possibilities for imaging capabilities and addressed the challenges and goals ahead for imaging for space. McDonald also serves on the SpaceCom conference advisory board where he provides guidance on programs throughout the event.

KBRwyle's Vernon McDonald serves on the SpaceCom advisory board and led a panel discussion during the conference.

KBRwyle is a founding sponsor of SpaceCom and an industry leader in space exploration, discovery and operations from Earth to orbit. Indeed, KBRwyle has supported every manned space flight since the inception of NASA. Through the combined experience of KBR and KBRwyle, the company is exceptionally equipped to find new, innovative and cost-effective approaches to help further the success of NASA's long term goals and successful exploration of the solar system.

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