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KBR Launches KCap℠ — A Next Generation Decarbonization Solution

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Staying true to its commitment to sustainability and decarbonization, last year KBR launched KCap℠, a next generation decarbonization solution, which offers a significant reduction in capex and footprint.

The new process intensification technology, offered in alliance with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL), India, is an advanced solution for CO2 capture utilizing HPCL’s patented Rotating Packed Bed (RPB). The technology significantly improves the mass transfer between CO2 gas and liquid solvent, which enables a notable reduction in equipment size.

Along with reduced capex, this technology also benefits customers with vertical plot space reduction as a result of 10 times smaller equipment size. 

“KCap elevates KBR’s decarbonization solutions by enabling customers to reduce their carbon footprint in a more cost-effective manner,” said Doug Kelly, KBR President, Technology. “KBR’s industry leading and differentiated processes are integral to its value-driven solutions that empower energy transition. KCap builds on KBR’s significant experience in all aspects of process plant and CO2 infrastructure, and helps our clients economically achieve their net zero targets.”

KBR's deep domain expertise in process commercialization and deployment, combined with HPCL's years of plant operating experience with their patented technology, unlocks a more cost-effective carbon capture solution. HPCL has established this technology through its demonstration facility, which has been operating in India since 2014. This technology will lead to significant reductions in equipment size, plant footprint and associated capital costs and is suitable for new and existing pre- and post-combustion applications.   

KBR is a leader in process technology development, commercialization, and plant design solutions, and has continuously expanded its sustainable technology portfolio.  

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