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KBR Hosts Sustainable Defence Support Working Group

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KBR recently hosted and co-chaired the sustainable defence support working group as part of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) Support Sustainable Strategy. The strategy aims to reduce emissions on operations and increase sustainability through technology to tackle climate change. The event, hosted at KBR’s Leatherhead campus, brought together more than sixty UK MOD and industry stakeholders from across land, sea, and air. 

The working group united KBR’s defence operations, Sustainable Technology Solutions business unit and Frazer-Nash Consultancy to explore the military self-sufficiency concept. This concept revolves around the idea of a self-sufficient base, where existing and emerging transition technologies are combined to enhance operational performance, decarbonize operations and significantly reduce demand on support chains.  

The outputs from the workshop will inform future capability development and a series of technology experiments starting in 2024.  

“This working group is a great example of how the KBR team of teams can combine our unique blend of technical insight, sustainability knowledge and operational context to inform future capability,” said Ian Tarplee, Frazer-Nash group leader for Sustainability, Environmental Assurance and Climate Advisory, and co-chair of the Sustainable Defence Support working group. “We have helped a key customer to explore scenarios that will enhance defence operational capability and support self-sufficiency in a fast changing, sustainable, technology environment.” 

When operational, the Self-Sufficient Base should create significant advantages for deployed forces as well as supporting the UK Government’s commitment to net-zero by 2050.  

KBR’s involvement in the working group reinforces our commitment to delivering technological, sustainable solutions to support businesses, governments, and communities. Our ambitions, set out in our most recent Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report, highlights the work that has been done in all areas of the organization. 

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