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IMPACT and ASPIRE Promote Employee and Business Growth from Within

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IMPACT and ASPIRE are KBR's global employee resource groups and each serves as a catalyst for developing its members through education and career growth opportunities. Both groups are deeply rooted into the culture at KBR and provide their members with the tools, resources and experience to not only have lasting personal growth, but also enhance their professional careers and become leaders within KBR.

IMPACT is run by young professionals for young professionals and membership opens many doors and opportunities for career development. The purpose of the organization is to motivate, retain and develop college-degreed employees with zero to seven years of professional experience. As the future leaders of KBR, members can leverage opportunities within the group to expand their knowledge of the company, serve the community and network with their colleagues.

"IMPACT has provided me with leadership opportunities that have led to working closely with many senior leaders in KBR," said John Paul Miller, Associate Specialist, Corporate Communications. "By regularly attending IMPACT professional development, networking and social events, I have also connected with my coworkers which have led to lasting friendships.
Mark Sopp, KBR Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, serves as IMPACT Executive Sponsor and is passionate about helping others grow in their unique talents in order to advance in their personal and professional lives. "Our IMPACT members around the world have done some amazing work for their individual chapters, for KBR and for their local communities. IMPACT serves as a fantastic incubator for our young professionals' career development, and we look forward to seeing the energy and the talents of our young people develop as future leaders within KBR."

KBR's ASPIRE group is committed to the development of women leaders at KBR and the promotion of a culture of inclusion. Membership is not exclusive to women; ASPIRE believes that engaging men is critical not to just advancing women leaders, but to build a business environment where all employees can thrive. Members aim to build that inclusive culture through research, leadership development and best practices sharing. ASPIRE members have opportunities to enhance their professional careers through leadership seminars, KBR educational sessions and workshops and access to mentors and sponsors. ASPIRE is also committed to community engagement and philanthropy. ASPIRE is both an employee resource group and a business oriented group serving as an internal think tank to help develop solutions to challenges and opportunities around KBR's employee experience and talent development.

ASPIRE chapters around the world regularly hold events such as panel discussions and forums, guest speakers, webinars and workshops that provide opportunities for personal development, career growth and sponsorship. ASPIRE also connects employees through newsletters that include advance notice for events, sharing best practices and providing visibility to the business of members whose accomplishments drive the growth and success of KBR.

"The development of ASPIRE aligns KBR with the strengths and values of our customers," says Stephanie Trevino, Senior Project Manager EPC and one of the ASPIRE founders. "Our clients understand that a diverse team brings better results for the project. The growth of ASPIRE demonstrates KBR's commitment to our people, customers and ultimately the success of projects."

"ASPIRE is a tremendous asset to employees here at KBR and I commend each chapter on its efforts toward making a difference both at work and within each of their individual communities," said Eileen Akerson, KBR Executive Vice President and General Counsel and ASPIRE Executive Sponsor. "I am a firm believer that the progress ASPIRE as an organization continues to make toward enhancing women leaders and promoting gender diversity throughout KBR will have a lasting impact on the company for generations to come."

In addition to career development, philanthropy is also a core principle of both groups. ASPIRE focuses its philanthropic efforts on organizations that support career development, particularly of women in oil and gas; however, IMAPCT and ASPIRE chapters around the world often align their philanthropic efforts with KBR's overall volunteer efforts. The groups also take up causes that are meaningful to their members such as visiting pediatric cancer patients in hospitals, hosting toy and clothing drives, volunteering at local food banks and participating in sporting events for charity.

"As an active member of both IMPACT and ASPIRE, I have had the opportunity to expand my professional and personal network beyond my trade," said Eirlys Benjamin-Wardle, Supervisor, Accounting, Finance, and ASPIRE Houston Membership Chair. "Membership in both groups has also allowed me to remain involved in the company and make an impactful difference in my local community."

IMPACT and ASPIRE are part of KBR's long standing commitment to investing in our employees and further developing their careers. We look forward to the positive contributions that each group brings to KBR.

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