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Event Dates:
25 May 2021 — 27 May 2021

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When Failure Is Not an Option – Count on KBR

Proud Sponsor of National Defense Industrial Association’s Michigan Defense Exposition and Detroit Arsenal Opportunities Conference

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The Government Solutions’ experts at KBR understand the importance of well-managed ground vehicles and weaponry, base operations, and technology advancements for the military and government personnel we support. We know it could mean the difference between life or death. That’s why, every day, KBR explores the innovative possibilities for modeling, simulation and training (MS&T) requirements; reliability-centered maintenance (RCM); engineering sustainment, and material fielding and training. KBR’s proactive maintenance management keeps assets in peak operational condition and ensures mission success with every task. Through test and evaluation, our experts help to engineer technology-led industrial solutions to every challenge faced by our armed forces.

We eagerly support warfighter readiness with a full suite of capabilities:

  • Manage logistics from spares provisioning and transportation coordination to packaging development.
  • Provide systems engineering and modeling analysis in the evaluation of failure modes that pose unacceptable risk across a product’s life cycle.
  • Develop modification work orders, national maintenance work requirements, and operator and field level maintenance manuals for the U.S. Army.
  • Provide all aspects of U.S. Army fielding and new equipment training by our certified team of instructors.
  • Maintain unique tools designed to assist program modernizations and cost reductions by providing efficiencies and real-time awareness.

We are the team behind the warrior. For more information about KBR's capabilities, contact:

Thom Green, KBR Government Services U.S. | [email protected]

Bill Waller, KBR Government Services U.S. | [email protected]

John Waller, KBR Government Services U.S. | [email protected]

Gary Washington, KBR Government Services U.S. | [email protected]

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