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Transforming Forensics Program

Enhancing the UK's forensic science capabilities

National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC)




Project Details

  • Networking UK police forensic capabilities in order to deliver high-quality, specialist services, share knowledge and improve resilience, efficiency, quality and effectiveness across policing and UK law enforcement
  • Effective management of a large, complex, technology-enabled supply chain
  • Supporting a community-led approach to delivering, maintaining and enhancing the UK forensic science capability
  • Designing and implementing the first of its kind fully integrated, networked fingerprint capability
  • Helping police manage the single biggest challenge to the world of police forensics, digital forensics, through development of a scientifically robust, victim-focused business case to manage future demand and the creation of a Digital Forensic Science Authority to manage immediate need
  • Delivery of a consistent, nationally agreed approach to training and continued professional development (CPD)
  • Designing a solution to connect existing police IT systems, allowing them to use common processes and policies, and share work across law enforcement including the Criminal Justice System (CJS)
  • Enabling police to achieve and maintain high-quality, efficient processes to meet and manage accreditation legislation deadlines through a single legal entity
  • Design a network that will direct research and innovation to help meet future demand for generations to come

Project Highlights

  • Unprecedented level of written support for an un-mandated national change program with all police forces in England and Wales supporting its development
  • Ahead of schedule provision of initial Forensic Capability Network (FCN) capabilities, ensuring delivery of early benefits to policing
  • First ever in-depth maturity modelling of all police forces forensic capabilities, providing a detailed evidence base for police leaders at local, regional and national levels to set future strategic direction
  • Streamlined reporting, readiness assessments and deployment of trouble-shooting teams — helping ensure significantly improved levels of compliance with fingerprint accreditation and EU legislation
  • Establishment of a Digital Forensics Strategic Development Board on behalf of the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), providing a forum for strategic police leadership in the digital forensics landscape
  • Working with the client as part of an integrated team
  • Leading the design and implementation of a sustainable, cloud-based IT solution for forensics
  • Leading the large scale, national procurement of associated forensics technology
  • Providing detailed risk and benefits analysis measured against national strategic aims and objectives of the policing sector
  • Delivering continued program office support, in-depth business case development and bespoke communications support
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