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Regional Towns





Project Details

  • The Program has delivered potable water supply to 17 Tasmanian townships, delivered under multiple design & construct (D&C) work packages covering new membrane treatment plants, transfer pipework, storages, pump stations and disinfections systems, and reticulation networks.

Project Highlights

  • KBR was appointed as Strategic Partner, acting in the role of 'Owners Representative', managing, overseeing and supporting the implementation of the Program
  • KBR project team became fully integrated into TasWater and focused on managing individual work packages to deliver the overall program and maximise benefits delivered to the communities
  • KBR provided coordination of design and construction schedules and commercial expertise in contract management, supplier management, procurement and engineering reviews. This integrated team was able to leverage the skills of both TasWater and KBR to improve program management and delivery for the Tasmanian communities.
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