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Refinery Conversion Program

Converting an existing refinery to process low-cost bitumen feedstock into refined products


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Project Management, Engineering



Project Details

  • The program objective was to convert the existing Edmonton Refinery to process low-cost bitumen feedstock into refined products instead of the previous expensive, dwindling, light Canadian crude oil.
  • The overall program was broken into three development stages beyond regulatory approval, representing bitumen SAGD recovery, bitumen transportation, and refinery conversion.
  • The projects that were part of this program were Tank Farm 1 and 2 relocations, Sulfur-in-Gasoline (SIG) Cat Feed Hydrotreater, and RCP1 Upgrader.
  • The SIG unit was designed to reduce sulfur in finished gasoline from 350 ppm to 25 ppm.
  • KBR provided the basic engineering design, project and construction management and direct field labor.
  • The RCP1 Upgrader project replaced light Canadian crude feedstock with approximately 85,000 bpd of SAGD bitumen. KBR provided the technology package for the basic engineering design for the first revamp of a coker unit to process bitumen-derived feed.
  • As the managing contractor, KBR-led Wild Rose Joint Venture had the responsibility for design basis development and management of the day-to-day execution of the EPC and EP contractors, licensors and others as directed by Petro-Canada.

Project Highlights

  • KBR introduced 100% fall-protection safety program for Petro-Canada and Edmonton Refinery site
  • KBR celebrated two years of construction without a lost-time incident (LTI)
  • Maintained under-budget performance on the SIG and Tank Farm 2 projects
  • 4 million total home office work hours
  • 12 million total construction work hours
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