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Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP)

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Responsive, full-service logistics support to forces deployed around the world

U.S. Army


Project Details

  • KBR leads the government services world contingency market by providing responsive, full-service logistics support to forces deployed around the world under the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program contract (LOGCAP). KBR’s enduring mission support of the LOGCAP program dates back to 1992 when we served as the contract’s original prime contractor. Today, we have a workforce over 6,000 people representing 40 nationalities who perform work on the contract in 14 countries.
  • LOGCAP utilizes civilian contractors as a force multiplier to augment the operational strength of global U.S. Army forces. Under the contract, KBR constructs facilities and manages the infrastructure for Army base camps — everything from beds and food service to laundry, sanitation and utilities. KBR also supports the reception, staging, onward movement and integration (RSOI) process of U.S. forces as they enter or depart their theater of operation by sea, air or rail.

Project Highlights

  • Delivering a full spectrum of program lifecycle services to ensure our customers’ mission success across numerous countries, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. 
  • Providing a broad range of base life support and logistics services on three task orders that include Task Order 0007 – Operation Inherent Resolve, Task Order 0009 – Arabian Peninsula and Task Order 0010 – European Command.
  • Prepared and served over 22 million meals for the troops; washed more than 1 million bags of laundry; performed over 2 million material handling equipment (MHE) lifts; produced more than 290 million gallons of potable water; serviced more than 1.3 million patrons at morale, welfare, and recreation facilities; issued 74 million gallons of fuel; maintained over 4,000 facilities encompassing 6 million square feet; and maintained 2,000 generators/light sets averaging 198K kilowatts of power per month.
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