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Emergency Services Mobile Communications Program

Next-generation communications system UK emergency services

The Home Office, UK Government




Project Details

The next-generation communications system for the UK’s three emergency services, ensuring communication under the most challenging circumstances.

  • Major transformation program to enhance critical emergency services information systems capability and enable improvements to public safety
  • The next-generation communications system for the three emergency services (police, fire and rescue, and ambulance) and other public safety users
  • Worlds first large-scale implementation of public safety–critical voice and broadband data services on a commercial mobile phone network
  • Full UK coverage, high resilience, appropriate security and public safety functionality
  • Seamless transition of users to the new system
  • Provision of training materials to train over 300,000 users
  • Upgrade of over 45,000 emergency service vehicles
  • Enhanced, flexible and affordable enabled service

Project Highlights

  • Initial mobilization and team integration within the client’s offices
  • Delivery of first tranche of documentation to scheduled milestones
  • Support initial on‐boarding of technology and network suppliers
  • Provide technical assurance of initial network designs
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