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Combat Water Supply System

Providing deployed military forces with self‐sufficient production and storage of safe drinking water

UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)

UK, Worldwide



Project Details

The Combat Water Supply System will provide deployed military forces on land with a capability to be self‐sufficient in the production and storage of safe drinking water. The system, through its ability to produce both potable and palatable water, will be highly reliable and reduce the dependency on commercially bottled water.


  • Design and procurement of a water purification, storage and distribution system
  • Provides self‐sufficiency in the production and storage of safe drinking water to deployed operations
  • Simple to use, high-reliability equipment
  • Designed to deliver a highly reliable, safe to drink and palatable water for all three UK deployed military forces
  • Fully integrated contractor logistics support
  • Designed to reduce the logistic footprint and manpower burden

Project Highlights

  • An end‐to‐end solution from the provision of water from its source to point of issue, providing the capability to purify water from multiple sources, including but not limited to sea water, surface and ground water, and locally supplied water
  • Reducing the dependency on commercially packaged water
  • Minimizes through life training requirement for users and maintainers
  • Capability to store and distribute regulated volumes of water at first line
  • Issue regulated volumes of packaged palatable water
  • Initial equipment delivery for trials program within 8 months of contract award (user trials ongoing)
  • Testing and assurance of water quality within the combat water supply
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