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Australian Rail Track Corporation

Australian Rail Track Corporation

Victoria, Australia



Project Details

  • Inland Rail is a large and complex program of works spanning from Melbourne to Brisbane via regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Once the project is complete, the 1,700km freight rail line will be the largest in Australia.
  • Inland Rail has been separated into 13 packages of work which will be delivered over the next 10 years.

Project Highlights

  • KBR was awarded the Tottenham to Ilabo (T2I) package and is responsible for progressing the concept assessment work completed in 2016 to a preferred option for the design phase. This involves undertaking further environmental and technical investigations, hydrology studies and engagement with communities and landowners.
  • T2I will see enhancements of existing structures and increase height clearances along the rail corridor. The enhancement works are required to accommodate double-stacked trains of 1,800m in length to be run on the track.
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