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Pluto Train 1

Pluto Train 1 Scarborough Modifications Project

Woodside is pursuing an opportunity to process up to 3 Mtpa of Scarborough gas via the existing Pluto Train 1. This project is known as the Pluto Train 1 Scarborough Modifications Project and involves modifying the existing Pluto Train 1 facility to enable it to process Scarborough gas.

After a competitive dual FEED, Woodside has made the decision to proceed into the next phase of the project with Kellogg Brown and Root Pty Ltd. Subject to applicable regulatory and joint venture approvals, the execute phase of the project is expected to commence in 2023.

Pluto LNG


Kellogg Brown and Root Pty Ltd will work with Woodside to maximize opportunities for local, regional and Western Australian businesses across the supply chain, including Indigenous participation opportunities.

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  1. View Pluto Train 1 Scarborough Modifications Project opportunities under the KBR work packages section on the ICNWA Project Gateway. ICNWA is a valuable industry tool to assist with connecting suppliers with major projects throughout Australia.
  2. If interested in the Project please register with ICNWA under the above noted link. Registration is free.
  3. Review Woodside's Supplier Code of Conduct and KBR’s Supplier Code of Conduct. KBR are dedicated to the uppermost safety, environmental, social and human rights standards in the industry, and we expect the same commitment from our supply chain.
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