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Program Description

ASTRO is a family of 10 separate MA-IDIQ contracts that span multiple NAICS Codes and NAICS Code Exceptions that is sponsored by the DoD. The scope includes operations, maintenance, readiness, research, development, systems integration, and support for manned, unmanned, and optionally manned platforms and/or robotics, as well as the services that support those platforms and robotics.

The scope of ASTRO spans many areas of expertise and includes any and all components required to formulate a total solution to a requirement, except for those services and products specifically prohibited in this contract. Solutions may include Ancillary Support Services and/or Ancillary Support Products. Requirements may call for solutions that cross over multiple disciplines; include ancillary support services and/or products; require commercial and/or non-commercial items; require professional and/or non-professional labor; and use a variety of contract types including fixed-price (all types), cost reimbursement (all types), T&M/LH, or a hybrid mix of contract types. These platforms and robotics may be based on land, air, sea, and/or space.

ASTRO may be used to provide a total solution for any organization’s requirement in any of the identified ASTRO Domains and Pools. These requirements include the following Domains and Pools:


  • Operations
  • Maintenance/Readiness
  • Development/Systems Integration
  • Support
  • Research and Development (R&D)


  • Data Operations
  • Mission Operations
  • Aviation
  • Ground
  • Space
  • Maritime
  • Development/Systems Integration
  • Research
  • Support
  • Training

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Contractor capabilities for ASTRO

KBR Government Solutions ensures mission success for customers globally with capabilities supporting defense, space, aviation, and other government programs and missions. KBR Government Solutions creates value and drives innovation by combining engineering, technical and scientific expertise with its full life cycle capabilities, mission knowledge and future-focused technologies from research and development, test and evaluation, and systems engineering to program management, operations, maintenance, and field logistics. Known for excelling in complex and extreme environments, KBR Government Solutions is trusted to help our clients meet their most pressing challenges today and into the future.

Areas of Expertise:

Systems Engineering and Integration

KBR is a leading Systems Engineering and Integration provider to U.S. Naval aviation and U.S. Army aviation. Our domain expertise spans over 40 years during which we have supported 35+ Navy, Army and Air Force programs including the F-35, the Army Utility Helicopter program, and various Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Highlights of our work include delivering full life cycle support to the F/A-18 legacy Hornet and Super Hornet and providing program office support to every U.S. Army aircraft and system.

Military Aviation

Domain expertise spanning more than 40 years in support of more than

35 Navy, Army and Air Force programs including the F-35, the Army Utility Helicopter program, and various unmanned aerial systems. Highlights include delivering full life cycle support to the Navy F/A-18 program and providing program office support to every U.S. Army aircraft and system.

Digital Engineering:

KBR design engineers and subject matter experts can access a large pool of virtual design, modeling and simulation software tools including SolidWorks, AutoCAD Electrical, NI Design Suite, OrCAD, SPICE, LabVIEW, ANSYS Engineering, SysML simulation, that we use to support solutions using Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) design and analytics to reduce technical risks before rapid prototyping.

Non-Destructive Inspection/Testing

KBR experts include NAVAIR-certified reliability centered maintenance analysts and instructors, Six Sigma Black Belts and reliability engineers certified by the American Society for Quality. KBR is AS9100D-certified for engineering design, prototyping through production of components, circuit cards, cables, enclosures and systems.


Delivering cybersecurity support for Defense facilities globally. Full life cycle cyber capabilities include assessments, certification and verification, information assurance, and developing and deploying state-of-the-art proprietary tools. Recognized expertise in critical infrastructure protection, KBR maintains a Cyber Range with Information and Operational Technology Profiles. KBR is versed in Artificial Intelligence.

KBR’s performance is built on a long history of successfully managing large scale projects, executing complex requirements, and creating innovative partnerships, by applying AI to manage specific tasks while maintaining continuous improvement through Machine Learning.

Information Technology

KBR has a robust IT Solutions for Mission-Focused Programs, Enterprise computing services, Application services, Cybersecurity solutions, Modernization and cloud transitions, Data analytics and data implementation, and for Network sustainment and modernization.

Missile Defense

Over 40 years of continuous critical air and missile defense support to include 24/7 network support for the Patriot Program, which protects the interests of the United States and its allies.

KBR supports critical air and missile defense systems including the Patriot Missile Defense System, Cruise Missile Defense Systems, Counter-Rockets, Artillery and Mortar system (C-RAM) and the Ballistic Missile Defense System. We are also at the forefront of emerging mission areas such as Counter-UAS. Our services include systems engineering, integration, interoperability, modeling and simulation, logistics, foreign military sales, test and evaluation, forensics analysis, secure data networking and program office support.

Space Support

KBR has worked with every U.S. astronaut since 1968, providing solutions for astronaut training and health, mission and satellite operations, human spaceflight ground control, extravehicular activity support, and more. SMS also monitors seismic activity, biological, chemical and nuclear threats, and provides key ground systems support and mission operations for U.S. Department of Defense and civilian customers.

KBR is an ISO-certified organization with proven expertise in complex space and missile defense programs. We are a recognized industry leader known for our ability to excel in performing highly technical and large-scale, global projects. We deliver unrivaled subject matter experience, a 60-year history of success, and the satellite and missile defense industry’s best partners to create end-to-end, full life cycle solutions. KBR’s performance is built on a long history of successfully managing large scale projects, executing complex requirements and creating innovative partnerships. KBR has 60+ years satellite mission engineering and 25+ years military space and missile defense and a Global footprint for rapid response n “Preservation Approach” to protect government investments

Human Performance

KBR is the leading provider of human performance and readiness solutions for U.S. astronauts and U.S. Special Operations Forces. We are known for helping individuals survive and excel in extreme environments and under psychologically challenging conditions. Our scientists, technicians and medical personnel have worked with every U.S. astronaut since 1968 and we leverage that biomedical research, conditioning and medical expertise to support elite military personnel. Whether it is aboard the International Space Station (ISS) or here on Earth, KBR employees are solving the challenges of human spaceflight and pioneering breakthroughs to optimize the resilience of military personnel. We maintain the highest quality standards including the following certifications: AS9001:2015; ISO2000-1:2001; ISO9001:2015; ISO13001, OSHA 18001:2007; CMMI Level 3 for Flight Hardware and Software Development and CMMI Level 5 for Development and Services.

Base Operations

KBR provides base operations support to defense and civil agency customers around the world. Our work is often in remote, hostile and/or austere environments where, despite the conditions, we are known for our ability to deliver. An example of this is the largest U.S. military contract in Africa where we provide full spectrum operations, maintenance, life support and logistics services for thousands of personnel in Djibouti. We also support two forward operating locations at Djibouti’s Chabelley Air Field and Manda Bay in Kenya. Despite the dangerous Djibouti heat and the hostile conditions, KBR employees ensure the vital services that enable our soldiers to focus on their mission.


KBR is researching Long Penetration Mode (LPM) counterflowing jet technology that has the potential to revolutionize supersonic air traffic and the speed and distance of hypersonic weapons systems. Our research, coupled with our decades of missile expertise, make us a natural choice to assist the U.S. Army in modernizing its offensive weapons including developing, testing and fielding hypersonics.

Contractor Key Personnel POC information

Corporate ASTRO Program Manager (CAPM) – Jay Ducharme, Deputy Director Enterprise MACs, Defense & Intel, 443-624-8052 [email protected]

Corporate ASTRO Contract Manager (CACM) – Deanna Burroughs, Sr. Contracts Manager, 301-863-4391, [email protected]

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