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Digital & Proprietary Tools

Integrated data and analytics systems and proprietary software solutions designed to provide insight and improve efficiency for a variety of assets, facilities and operations

The world now runs on data. The ability to collect, analyze and understand that data is imperative for effective decision-making. Whether for a specific project need or for the full asset life cycle, KBR offers a range of solutions that transform customer data into actionable insight and help meet business objectives.

KBR also collaborates with IBM, Amazon and other partners, which enables us to combine our deep industry expertise with advanced IoT (Internet of Things), cloud services, data analytics, AI and ML, and IT infrastructure to deliver the greatest value for our customers.

Our differentiated digital solutions

  • Drive efficiency
  • Optimize O&M
  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce opex and capex
  • Enhance security

Proprietary Software Tools

KBR’s specialized software tools give customers access to our decades of unique engineering expertise and experience.

Our technologies are designed to simplify workflows, provide operations and process insights, improve the concept process, and deliver the information and analytics our customers need. Our portfolio includes:

  • InSite® remote monitoring
  • Integrated planning environment for field layout development
  • iOps command center
  • ProSelect process select phase studies
  • TapTop topside weight estimation

Asset Ikigai® – Next Generation Asset Management

For many government and commercial customers alike, the physical asset portfolio is key to mission success. As technological and managerial paradigms shift, the world is starting to think differently about how physical assets should be managed, embracing solutions that meet customer needs across the asset life cycle and that encompass capital reinvestment, maintenance, and energy and sustainability.

To meet those demands, KBR has drawn on its 40-plus years of success and created Asset Ikigai®. This next-generation, ISO-55001-certified asset management platform uses big data analytics and deep domain expertise to drive decision-making and help customers maximize the value of their physical assets. Asset Ikigai is designed to be simpler, faster and less expensive to implement that an in-house solution.

Learn more.

KBR Digital Sustainability Suite

The end-to-end digital solutions in the KBR Digital Sustainability Suite create new opportunities for innovation, solve existing business problems, and establish new operating and process models to correctly address business, process and asset performance. The suite includes the following.

Business Performance Solutions

  • Enterprise Visualization
  • Optimization and Advisory
  • Digital Transformation
  • End-to-end Digital Twin

Customer benefits

  • Provides quick access to strategic operational and process performance data.
  • Current operational capabilities can be monitored and analyzed to determine if resources and costs have been properly managed for the production achieved.
  • Helps ascertain if asset/facility health is sufficient for fulfilling overall business goals.

Asset Performance Solutions

  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Smart Maintenance

Customer benefits

  • Helps develop a well-crafted strategy to optimize asset potential while also considering all safety, environmental, regulatory, cost and reputational risks.
  • Monitoring of every asset through real-time data analytics helps to identify anomalies and proactively act to resolve issues.

Process Performance Solutions

  • Advance Simulations
  • Operator Trainings
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Process Models
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Operations Support

Customer benefits

  • User-friendly, intuitive interfaces present an overview of customer processes to help predict and improve asset performance.
  • Solutions are highly flexible, which means customers can target efficiency gains and increase production and reliability.
  • KBR’s Zero Harm safety and sustainability culture is embedded at every point of the project, ensuring the highest safety and environmental standards are met or exceeded.

Digital & Proprietary Tools Opportunities

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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