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KBR Digital Accelerators

Innovations Accelerating Decision-making

When your clients’ most critical missions are also some of humankind’s greatest challenges, every second counts.

KBR Digital Accelerators — our suite of cutting-edge, disruptive digital solutions and technologies — shorten the distance from data to decision, help reduce risk, and drive speed to market, providing our clients both strategic and cost advantages.

These solutions are the catalyst behind more than 100 initiatives for clients spanning defense, national security, space, energy transition and security, and more.

KBR Digital Accelerators include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Engineering

Artificial Intelligence


KBR integrates artificial intelligence (AI) in a comprehensive range of solutions including large language models, space health systems and biological research, real-time energy and industrial asset monitoring, cognitive tactical PNT (position, navigation and timing), and many more.

KBRaiN™ Generative AI

KBR’s artificial intelligence network (KBRaiN) is revolutionizing the way KBR does business. This groundbreaking tool combines large language models and generative AI to streamline operations, automate text-based activities and enhance overall efficiency.

Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning

KBR’s natural language processing and linguistics toolsets for analytics enable improvement of low-quality data using semiautomated techniques, rapid prototyping of algorithms against real-world data, and automated data tagging and categorization.

Autonomous Systems

KBR’s global expertise ranges across all aspects of autonomous and unmanned systems — from space rovers to underwater platforms — with activities spanning science and inspection to logistics and military deployment.

Artemis Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

Artemis is KBR’s complete sub-25-kilogram multirotor system optimized for rapid startup and launch and swift, agile flight (circa 100 kilometers/hour). The Artemis family of autonomous systems are designed for GNSS-denied operations and high-tempo, threat-to-life emergency use cases. Features include a simple user interface, electro-optical/infrared cameras or ultrafast response 2DOF gimbal designed and manufactured in house, long-range BVLOS-capable radios, human portable carriage subsystem, and more.


Skypath enables a greater degrees of autonomy in BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) or potentially hazardous unmanned air or maritime applications and assures containment of those systems. Skypath is capable of propulsion system interrupt and kinetic energy recovery system activation, is platform and comms bearer agnostic, and includes geofencing, including dynamic geofencing and range containment, and encrypted heartbeat signals.

TTMT (Tracking and Targeting Moving Things)

The heart of KBR’s autonomous systems, TTMT enables:

  • Proprietary control algorithms for rapid, truly autonomous closed-loop offboard UAS control in 8DOF, including gimbal
  • GNSS-denied object of interest identification and following of fast-moving vehicles on land and at sea
  • Custom implementation, combining state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks and classical computer vision tracking approaches for multitarget identification and high-frame-rate tracking at the edge
  • Precise, semantic subregion tracking
  • Compatibility with electro-optical/infrared cameras

Dash C3

KBR's DASH C3 is an interactive graphical user interface that provides real-time situational awareness and decision support through the coordination of multiple sensing assets all observing complex suites of uncooperative objects. Users can adjust the desired situational awareness parameters and dynamically configure the display based on specific features or targets of interest. Dash C3 has been developed and used in multisensor, multi-object scenarios.


KBR’s highly cleared and skilled workforce is at the forefront of cybersecurity, providing both government and commercial clients the solutions they need to safeguard mission-critical networks, systems, devices, programs and data. Our clients can always count on us to deliver robust, secure, compliant solutions that are thoroughly tested and validated against established standards.

CRYSTALVISTA℠ and Quantum Pantheon℠

KBR has integrated commercial and government software and hardware capabilities to deliver both a secure warfighting fabric (CRYSTALVISTA) and high-performance computing nodes (Quantum Pantheon) to give clients the tactical edge.

CRYSTALVISTA is a secure warfighting fabric that is data, system, platform and cloud agnostic. The solution uses combinations of data paths, including commercial internet, to create a global mesh network through which sensitive encrypted data may be quickly and securely transmitted. Quantum Pantheon accelerates the ability to sense and make sense of any operational environment by processing and contextualizing data where it’s created. While they operate as standalone solutions, both employ a modular open systems approach (MOSA) that enables maximum interoperability and sustainment at mission speed.

Cyber Range

KBR's Cyber Range is a secure, virtual platform for real-world cyber testing and defense tactic development. The Cyber Range facilitates advanced network simulations without impacting mission-critical systems. Clients can practice incident response and recovery procedures and test new cybersecurity tools and technologies, improving their ability to effectively respond to cyberattacks.

Data Analytics


Our clients work in areas of increasing global economic and geopolitical importance. That’s why they count on our experts to deliver solutions that turn their data into better, more informed decisions. From assessing goals and determining objectives; to developing new models and gathering data; to testing, evaluating and delivering the final solution, KBR is with our clients at every level, transforming data insights into innovation.

CleanSpend℠ powered by ENCOMPASS℠

KBR CleanSpend is the most comprehensive life cycle carbon analysis solution available for offshore platform oil and gas projects. CleanSpend’s automated engine calculates emissions over a project’s lifetime, including previously hard-to-calculate scope 3 emissions, generating results within minutes. These insights can then be used to make more informed decisions to minimize carbon emissions at the earliest possible stages of a project’s development.

H2Evolution℠ powered by ENCOMPASS℠

The emergence of hydrogen as an energy source and carrier has led to exploration of several approaches for establishing production, supply and offtake. Evaluating those options requires engineering and financial expertise. KBR’s H2Evolution uses unique algorithms that autogenerate layout and equipment selection for location-specific hydrogen plants and that also estimate lifetime capital, operational and carbon costs.


This unique digital solutions offers remote technical and advisory services for operating plants and other facilities. The KBR INSITE securely gathers data and analyzes it to provide value-adding insights into process performance. Traditionally used in the chemicals and industrial sectors, INSITE is being expanded to include aircraft systems operations.

Iron Stallion

Iron Stallion℠

Iron Stallion is KBR’s premier enterprise software application for space situational awareness. Iron Stallion is a persistent analytical platform focused on data integration, operator and machine workflow aiding, automated data analytics, and advanced work-centered user experience. This command-and-control software application provides advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities for the U.S. Space Force, coalition partners and commercial entities.

WRAITH (Warfighter Real-time Analysis and Interoperability With Truth)

The highly customizable WRAITH suite enables real-time visualization of multiple tactical, commercial and instrumentation systems. Each interface or algorithm is developed with its own component which can be dynamically loaded into the application at runtime. Data can then be routed between components as defined in a configuration file. This allows WRAITH to be configured in dramatically different ways depending on the use case.

Digital Engineering

Digital Twin

The ability to quickly and efficiently connect people and their data to the right technology has never been more critical. KBR’s digital engineering solutions leverage our deep domain expertise across multiple industries with cutting-edge technologies, enabling us to use client data to solve their most complex challenges.

Digital Twin powered by ENCOMPASS℠

KBR’s data models combined with world-leading project management, engineering and digital innovation expertise place it firmly at the forefront of digital project and digital twin delivery. KBR digital twin technology provides valuable insights not only during the project planning phase but also for operations and maintenance further into the project life cycle.

Digital Research, Engineering, Acquisition, and Materiel Management Lab (DREAMMLab)

KBR’s DREAMMLab is a secure, cutting-edge digital environment for demonstrating and experimenting with KBR and client capabilities and tools in context, as well as for training technical staff. DREAMMLab enables large-scale system modeling, simulation, software development, system architecture development and additional manufacturing.

Expert Modelling and Simulation Tools

KBR has developed, validated and deployed expert modeling and simulation ecosystems that have been used to hypothesize, develop and test new technologies (i.e. sensors and data processing algorithms/software and real-time battle management command and control) for complex enterprise systems.

Vivid Lab

KBR’s Vivid Lab provides clients with a state-of-the-art digital engineering and model-based engineering environment to develop complex enterprise solutions. Vivid Lab supports the management of a critical, authoritative source of truth for enterprise and system-descriptive models.

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