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Petrochemical Technologies

High demand for olefins and intermediate and specialty chemicals produced from petroleum, natural gas and more is requiring more efficient processing solutions — solutions that KBR can deliver.

We have a long history of supplying some of the best technology solutions for the petrochemicals market. For more than 50 years, we’ve provided the technologies, flexible solutions and expertise that petrochemicals operators rely on to produce ethylene, propylene, acetyls, phenolics, vinyls and other specialty products from a variety of feedstocks, safely and efficiently.

“For more than 50 years, we’ve provided the technologies, flexible solutions and expertise that petrochemicals operators rely on.”

With our sizable portfolio of best-in-class process technologies — proprietary, co-developed or third-party technologies licensed through KBR — we’ll work with you to deliver the right solutions for any challenge.

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Our flexible, reliable and efficient advanced steam pyrolysis technology combines selective cracking furnace technology with optimized cryogenic recovery selection. Quickly and easily change operating conditions and feedstocks depending on market demand with the most complete portfolio of steam cracking coils for custom designs.


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Innovative propane dehydrogenation technology based on our K-COT™ technology, delivering high propylene selectivity and conversion through a fluidized-bed design. Delivers reliable operation, high on-stream factors, and significant CAPEX and OPEX advantages over fixed or moving-bed reactors. Offers greater energy efficiency and without requiring a platinum- or chromium-based catalyst.


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Adjunct or alternative technology to steam cracking, converting low-value olefinic, paraffinic, or mixed streams into high-value propylene, ethylene and aromatics through the combination of the KBR Orthoflow™ FCC reactor system and a proprietary catalyst. Feed flexibility, high yields, low maintenance and greater energy efficiency.


Olefins K-COT





Highly efficient dry oxidation and advanced cleavage systems that offer high selectivity and unmatched safety performance. Maximizes plant reliability and operability by providing a flexible fractionation train to produce extremely high-quality phenol, acetone and heavy ends that can be processed and upgraded for other products.


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A simple, reliable and economical technology application for BPA production, licensed through Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Uses a proprietary, high-conversion and selectivity catalyst that improves yields and reduces byproducts while limiting energy consumption.


Produces polycarbonate from Bisphenol-A using synthesis and compounding processes that produce a wide range of product grades, delivering high-quality products with minimal capital investment.



ATA (Advanced Transalkylation)

Best-in-class advanced transalkylation catalyst technology, licensed through SK Innovation Co., Ltd. Converts low-value heavy aromatics to benzene and mixed xylenes, with higher yields, lower ring loss and enhanced purity compared to other transalkylation processes.


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An extractive distillation process for the recovery of aromatics that does not require any proprietary solvents or additives, and offers lower CAPEX and OPEX, smaller plot space, reduced energy consumption and wider feedstock range compared to conventional liquid-liquid extraction processes. Can be integrated into refining and petrochemical operations.


Our methanol carbonylation technology for the production of acetic acid — the only technology of its kind licensed to independent producers — uses less water, requires less energy, and eliminates the risk of CO leakage, with capacity design rates of 10,000 to 500,000 MTA.


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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

An energy-efficient and cost-effective suspension polymerization process for producing high-quality polyvinyl chloride products of various grades (K-values ranging from 51 to 97) from vinyl chloride monomer.


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Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM)

The ethylene oxidative acetoxylation process, owned and operated by Showa Denko (SDK) and offered by SDK and KBR for license, produces high-quality vinyl acetate monomer from ethylene and acetic acid using SDK’s proprietary high performance catalyst. The main by-products are water, ethyl acetate, acetaldehyde, and CO2.


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KBR offers Hydro-PRT℠, an innovative and advanced plastics recycling technology that recycles end-of-life plastic, including rigid plastics and thin plastic packaging such as plastic shopping bags and food wrap, which would otherwise be combusted, sent to landfills, or leaked into the environment. This process chemically recycles waste plastic through a process known as hydrothermal upgrading that converts mixed plastics into traditional oil (liquids) and gas, that can be further refined and upgraded to produce virgin polymers and chemicals – completing the waste plastic circulatory loop. KBR offers this sustainability-focused technology in alliance with Mura Technology Ltd. For more information, please visit

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