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Separations for some specialty products are not easily or safely performed using conventional technologies. For those plants and facilities, KBR delivers sophisticated solutions to hit production targets.

No matter how challenging the operation, we offer the latest, state-of-the-art processes and technology solutions for crystallization, evaporation and the concentration and purification of strong inorganic acids. And with our trusted brands, Ecoplanning and PLINKE, we offer the experience and understanding of more than 65 years in inorganics to help our customers with customized solutions for their operations.

“We offer state-of-the-art processes and technology solutions for crystallization, evaporation, and the concentration and purification of strong inorganic acids.”

Our solutions enable your plant to meet production targets and quality specifications safely, reliably and efficiently over years of operation. Our technology capabilities include:

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Nitric Acid Concentration

KBR's PLINKE nitric acid technologies can be used for concentration, purification and recovery of nitric acid. KBR PLINKE technologies can be used in different applications:

  • Concentration of diluted acid streams for processes, where high concentration nitric acid is required
  • Recovery of spent nitric acid for re-use in the process or for resale
  • Removal of nitric acid from waste water for yield and/or environmental reasons

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Sulfuric Acid Process

KBR PLINKE treatment technologies for purification and concentration of sulfuric acid from a variety of spent acid sources, including nitration process production, chemical applications like the production of MEK and sulfonation, production of certain dyes and pigments, chlorine drying, gas purification, and organic synthesis.

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Mixed Acid Processes

Separation, purification and concentration processes from PLINKE for sulfuric and nitric acid mixtures containing organic and volatile contaminants, and specialized equipment, such as pretreatment units for stabilization and decomposition, denitration DEN® separation units, NAPC® pre-concentration units, NACSAC® high-concentration technology and SAC® concentration units.

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Hydrochloric Acid Process

A variety of KBR PLINKE processes for the treatment of acids and waste air for different requirements, such as pre-concentration up to 24% HCI, medium concentration up to 35%, high concentrations up to 100% HCI, purification and recovery of hydrochloric acid gases.

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NOx Absorption Technology

KBR's Proprietary PLINKE NOx absorption technology for effluent gases, offering maximum yields and the lowest environmental emissions through a highly efficient cooled-tray absorption tower that typically uses only water and atmospheric air.

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Adiabatic Nitration Process

Proprietary PLINKE process for adiabatic nitration of benzene to nitrobenzene (NB), using an integrated unit for nitration and spent acid processing that results in excellent NB product quality and high energy efficiency with a limited footprint and low investment.

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Evaporation Technologies

A range of Ecoplanning evaporator processes and equipment custom designed for diluting waste acid streams — including falling-film, forced-circulation and rising-film evaporators, as well as vapor recompression — to decrease the volume of harmful effluent for environmental reasons, for easier transport, or to derive a sellable product. Our primary solution is phosphoric acid purification and concentration for food and fertilizer industries.

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Crystallization Technologies

KBR's reliable and easy-to-use Ecoplanning processes are designed to meet a wide range of product requirements (such as crystal size or purity), including forced circulation crystallizers, draft tube crystallizers, draft tube baffle crystallizers, evaporative cooling systems and surface cooling crystallizers. Our primary solutions include fly ash crystallization for pulp mills and metal sulfate crystallization for metallurgical waste streams and mining tailings.

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Lithium and other Battery Chemical Processes

Ecoplanning offers high-end technologies, full life-cycle professional/technical services and project delivery for lithium chemicals production from salar brines and ores. Ecoplanning also offers unique expertise for lithium battery recycling plants for Ni, Co, Mn and Li recovery.

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Phosphoric Acid Processes

Ecoplanning purification technology offers tailor-made processes adapted to each client’s specific requirements and quality specifications. Ecoplanning reduces risk and simplifies execution by taking overall responsibility for a complete phosphoric acid purification plant.

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