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Ammonia & Fertilizers Technologies

Ammonia and fertilizer plants face a lot of challenges, from securing feedstocks at favorable prices to reducing the costs of products. KBR delivers the technologies they need to keep their operations competitive.

We’ve been a premier partner for the ammonia and fertilizers industry for more than 50 years, providing the superior technologies and solutions to optimize production, reduce capital costs, and ensure reliable, efficient and flexible operation. From ammonia and nitric acid to UAN, we work with you to deliver the solution that suits your needs — and the needs of the market.

Ammonia Revamp Experience

Ammonia Experience

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“From ammonia and nitric acid to UAN, we work with you to deliver the solution that suits your needs.”

With our considerable experience designing, building and maintaining ammonia and fertilizer facilities of all kinds, we’ve developed the expertise and understanding essential to solving any challenge. And we help operators maximize production through our licensed and proprietary technology solutions, including:


Our optimized cryogenic synthesis gas technologies that simultaneously remove impurities like methane and argon to produce inert-free synthesis gas, offer greater energy efficiency, and are designed to use air rather than pure oxygen in the reforming section of the plant, eliminating the need for additional expensive equipment.

Purifier Ammonia Process

Blue Ammonia



Ammonia 6000®

Complete, single-stream ammonia plant solution based on our proprietary PURIFIER™ technology that expands capacity to 6000 MTPD while using proven and reliable designs, reducing CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions of CO2 and NOx.

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Conventional Ammonia Synthesis Process

Proven technology for ammonia production, combining top-fired primary reforming technology with ammonia synthesis and providing optimized energy consumption based on our unique and extensive experience with these solutions.

JM-KBR Ammonia Methanol

Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) and Johnson Matthey (JM) are global leaders in ammonia and methanol technology respectively and have formed an alliance to offer a co-production flowsheet incorporating these leading technologies.

The co-production scheme is based on the JM SMR methanol technology and KBR Purifier™ ammonia technology.

The JM and KBR co-production flowsheet combines two world-class technologies to enable the world scale co-production of methanol and ammonia in a single train. The co-production flowsheet offered by JM and KBR builds on the synergies between methanol and ammonia production to offer a flowsheet that has lower CAPEX and OPEX  than standalone plants, offers proven reliability which improves the bankability of the process, provides a high degree of flexibility and which is intrinsically safer.

Both technologies are industry leaders and well-proven with the highest reliability in the market. While KBR has licensed 244 grassroots ammonia plants since 1950, JM has licensed 100 grassroots methanol plants. Similarly, just as about 50% of the world’s ammonia is produced using KBR’s ammonia process, 50% of the world’s methanol is produced using JM’s methanol process and catalyst.

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Green Ammonia

KBR’s green ammonia process (K-GreeN®) is zero carbon-emission ammonia, produced via electrolysis of water using renewable electricity. It achieves zero greenhouse gas emissions by combining our unsurpassed ammonia synthesis plant reliability, with lower energy consumption at a lower capital cost (due to lower equipment count) with state-of-the-art electrolysis and air separation sections.

The KBR design of the complete green ammonia facility incorporates a high level of operational flexibility, particularly in the electrolysis section with optimum intermediate buffering of hydrogen, allowing continuous operation of the synthesis section, to optimize capital costs and the value of intermittent renewable power supplies.

K-GreeN® supports the energy transition as ammonia is the most promising storage and carrier for green hydrogen (well-proven, cost-competitive, and reliable infrastructure) and can be used directly as a green fuel or fuel additive.

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Blue Ammonia

Conventional ammonia process is the largest carbon dioxide emitting chemical industry process. KBR’s Blue Ammonia technology is based on the PurifierPlus™ process that uses natural gas to produce ammonia with the capture and sequestration of CO₂.

KBR Blue Ammonia technology solution is a step towards sustainability and energy transition.

Blue Ammonia

Blue Hydrogen

Ammonia Cracking Technology

KBR has developed and launched its ammonia cracking technology for dissociating ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen. The ammonia dissociation process will play a vital role in the energy transition process to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. Green and blue ammonia produced at remote locations where feedstock cost is low or abundant can be transported over long distance to places where there are limited energy resources. The generated hydrogen can be used for clean energy production as a low carbon fuel.

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Nitric Acid

High mono-pressure and proprietary dual-pressure technologies developed to be energy- and cost-efficient while ensuring high ammonia conversion for facilities with a wide range of production targets.

Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid Dual-Pressure

Nitric Acid Revamp

Ammonium Nitrate

Our proven ammonium nitrate solution with an outstanding safety record uses a simple atmospheric plant design that offers a low total installed cost and precise pH control in the neutralizer, packed section of the ammonium nitrate and vent scrubber operating in condensed mode, and filters to capture sub-micron ammonium nitrate mist for superior emissions performance.

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Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN)

Complete integrated facility design combining urea, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid and UAN that provides efficient and cost-effective production of UAN solution. Patented partial recycle urea process that results in overall higher raw material yields compared to non-integrated processes.

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A portfolio of proprietary hydroprocessing technologies and equipment that produces hydrogen from natural gas, heavy naphtha and other feedstocks. Includes our top-fired steam methane reformer, KRES™ reforming exchanger system, and aerothermal reformer.

Ammonia & Fertilisers Technologies Opportunitie

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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