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Test & Evaluation

World-class KBR engineers design and execute test and evaluation (T&E) solutions to optimize equipment performance, advance technology and ensure mission success.

Before you trust the success of your mission and the lives of your personnel to any piece of equipment, you need to know beyond any doubt that it will perform to expectations — and exactly what those expectations should be. Rigorous testing and evaluation are necessary to establish operational limits and ensure that equipment conforms to requirements.

As an independent, trusted agent, KBR provides comprehensive T&E services, including independent verification and validation. Our engineers identify potential performance issues and recommend practical, cost-effective remediation to ensure that systems deliver optimum results at minimum expense.

“Our engineers identify potential performance issues and recommend practical, cost-effective remediation.”

KBR has operational and developmental T&E processes designed for corporate, government and military organizations, with extensive experience evaluating complex systems and technologies ranging from combat vehicles and high-performance aircraft to weapons systems and orbital launch platforms. Testing and evaluation capabilities include:

  • Flight testing of aircraft, UAV, weapon systems and avionic subsystems
  • Extreme environmental testing for hardware, software and systems used in human spaceflight
  • System integration and testing for ground systems, spacecraft instrumentation, mission control center systems and training simulation, and modeling systems that support human spaceflight
  • Interoperability testing for software and aircraft and missile systems
  • Command, control, communications, computers, cyber defense, and combat systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C6ISR) interoperability testing
  • Cybersecurity and performance testing of software and sensors
  • Unmanned spacecraft flight software and flight and ground systems testing
  • Advanced non-destructive inspection (ANDI) and testing for aircraft engines and structures
  • Launch support ground systems and associated subsystems
  • Fire testing
  • Live virtual construct (LVC)
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Spaceflight instruments

Test & Evaluation Opportunities

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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