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With rule-based designs, automation, artificial intelligence and cognitive machine learning, KBR is embracing new technologies to make our clients’ projects successful.

KBR is leading the way in digital transformation in the implementation of projects in all sectors. We start with the end in mind, and our various digital offerings are appearing across the full asset lifecycle.

“KBR is leading the way in digital transformation in the implementation of projects in all sectors.”

By taking a data-centric approach to project implementation, KBR helps to develop object engineering visualisations that provide a quick and interactive way to see what percentage of the project is complete. In addition, as the project progresses, equipment and components of the project model have all the engineering data/specifications/drawings, as well as suppliers’ documents, on a touch screen for easy access anywhere at any time. The complete model is a digital twin with an exact visual view of a real plant along with data, specifications, drawings, suppliers’ documents and operating manuals.

The SMART Training approach includes the use of technology to drive and implement innovation. One of the ways that technology can deliver innovation is through the modeling, simulation and training continuum. This is a “build once, use many times” approach. It starts with a 3D visualisation of the platform, facility, vessel or building being built. It is reused as a simulator for safety and engineering at the advanced design stage. Prior to go-live, the same 3D model is further enhanced to become a familiarisation tool for prospective workers. Once the facility is active, the 3D model is repurposed and enhanced as a part-task trainer for maintainers, trade workers and facility operators.

To achieve the cost efficiencies and maximise the data-centric approach, KBR has advanced our engineering suite and implementation model to adopt a common set of industry standards: data standards, equipment standards, manufacturing standards, commoditised designs and the “design one, build many” philosophy. This will allow more replication to drive down costs and schedules via production line–style manufacturing.

We have automated our engineering and design processes with rules-based design, which we are using as the springboard for future augmented-intelligence and automated-design initiatives.

And we have made use of our longstanding relationships with trusted strategic suppliers with the objective of improving the performance of the supply chain through digitalisation. This builds on our track record of innovation and is a great example of industry-wide working, as well as applying our know-how and experience from the past to help inform the future.

KBR is laying virtual foundations for a more digital construction phase. We are doing this through AWP methodology and the appropriate use of technologies such as connected workers and automated construction equipment.

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The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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