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KBRwyle Employees Honored at NASA Center Award Ceremonies

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NASA recently recognized numerous KBRwyle employees during 2018 Honor Awards ceremonies at its Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas on Aug. 28 and Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama on Aug. 22. These various awards are amongst the highest recognition available to a contractor.

At the JSC ceremony, five KBRwyle employees were presented with NASA's Exceptional Public Service Medals. These medals are presented to non-government employees for sustained performance and multiple contributions to NASA programs, projects or initiatives.Dr. Tina Bayuse received the award for exceptional leadership of NASA's space pharmacy program. Susan Crippen was honored with the award for her sustained instructional excellence on guidance, navigation and control (GNC) to a generation of astronauts and flight controllers, providing a lasting impact to the success of NASA. Keith Holubec earned the award for his dedicated commitment to the success of NASA and JSC goals and assuring crew health and performance during long-duration and exploration missions. Dr. Stuart Lee garnered the award for his exceptional contributions to multidisciplinary human health and performance research, leading multiple laboratories to implement successful operational countermeasures. David Martin received the award for his outstanding contributions towards the use of ultrasound imaging tools to study crew health and performance during spaceflight.

KBRwyle Vice President Vernon McDonald, third from left, commends KBRwyle employees, left to right, Dr. Meghan Downs, David Martin, Dr. Stuart Lee, Keith Holubec and Dr. Tina Bayuse on the awards they received during the 2018 Honor Award ceremony at the Johnson Space Center on Aug. 28.

Dr. Meghan Downs received the Exceptional Public Achievement Medal, awarded to non-government individuals for significant, specific achievement or substantial improvement in operations, efficiency, service, financial savings, science, or technology which contributes to the mission of NASA. Downs received the award for her outstanding vision, innovation, and technical excellence in the development, testing and implementation of spaceflight exercise countermeasures.

NASA honored Dr. Johnny Conkin with the Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for outstanding technical excellence in the investigation, characterization, and application of scientific principles in the field of spaceflight environmental physiology. The agency bestows this award to government employees and contractors for exceptional scientific contributions toward achievement of the NASA mission.

KBRwyle employee Dr. Johnny Conkin, left, received the Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal during NASA's Honor Awards ceremony in August.

NASA presented Michael Lyle and Mayra Nelman-Gonzales with the Silver Achievement Medal. NASA gives the award to government employees and contractors for stellar achievements that supports one or more of NASA's core values, when it is deemed to be extraordinarily important and appropriate to recognize such achievements in a timely and personalized manner.

Lyle received the award for demonstrating the NASA core value of excellence in leading the PLUTO team's Station Support Computer ZBook transition, which increased on-orbit safety and utilization.

Nelman-Gonzales garnered the award for her exceptional creativity and sustained personal effort in applying advanced biomedical imaging processes to enhance the evaluation of vision problems in astronauts.

KBRwyle employees on the Biomedical Laboratory AsCan Selection Support Team received a Group Achievement Award, alongside their other colleagues, for outstanding biomedical and anthropometry support in the selection of the new astronaut candidate class. Congratulations to the KBRwyle team: Dr. John DeWitt, Kent Kalogera, David Martin, Monica Ritter and Greg Yardley.

At the Marshall Space Flight Center award ceremony, KBRwyle Vice President and retired NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Director Todd May received a NASA Distinguished Service Medal. This prestigious award is the highest honor NASA gives to its civil service employees and other federal workers and was given to May for his 28 years of service to the agency.

May, who joined KBRwyle in July, brings this experience as a distinguished NASA leader and extensive space industry knowledge to the company. He now serves as the Vice President of Space Strategy and leads the organization's Systems Analysis & Services Division.

Byron Bright, President, KBR Government Services U.S., said, "I am incredibly proud of our team members for their hard work and their dedication to NASA's mission. These recognitions are well deserved and the outstanding work they do on a daily basis is what makes the KBRwyle team the best in the business."

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