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Going Green in Saudi

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Going Green in Saudi

Publish Date:
22 Apr 2022

The KBR-AMCDE team has been supporting efforts to tackle climate change in Saudi Arabia as part of the country’s Environment Week 2022.

In line with the Saudi Green initiative (SGI), KBR-AMCDE, alongside the Ministry of Environment and Water and Agriculture, conducted a week-long campaign between March 20-24, 2022 to support green initiatives.

With the launch of the Saudi Green initiative in 2016, the Kingdom reaffirmed its belief in a sustainable future for all. The first wave of more than 60 initiatives announced under SGI—and unveiled at the October 2021 Saudi Green Initiative Forum—represent over SAR 700 billion investment to contribute to the growth of the green economy.

In a whole-of-society approach, SGI works with entities and organisations across the Kingdom to amplify their existing climate actions and create opportunities for new initiatives. SGI also bridges the gap between public and private sustainability efforts, identifying opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

For KBR-AMCDE, the week of activities aligned with two SGI initiatives: afforestation of 10 billion trees and 30% of land and sea protection. The team took part in multiple activities:

  • March 20: Al Khobar Municipality workers cleaned and initialized the South Corniche area for Mangrove trees planting.
  • March 21-22: Volunteer divers cleaned “Duck Lake” and the sea area in front of the lake in the North Corniche area.
  • March 23: KBR-AMCDE volunteers planted Mangrove trees in shallow sea areas in the South Corniche region.
  • March 24: KBR-AMCDE provided 200 saplings to be planted in the Dhahran area.

“KBR-AMCDE are delighted to sponsor and participate in Saudi Arabia’s Environment Week, focusing on the pillars of the Saudi Green Initiative,” said Aaron Fowler, Vice President & Managing Director KBR-AMCDE. “This week has brought colleagues, businesses, and the community together to make real change in the race against climate change. Globally, KBR is focused on protecting our environment through our work and always ensuring Zero Harm is at the forefront of all we do.”

The work done during Environment Week mirrors KBR’s focus on improving operations to benefit people and the planet, whilst supporting economic, social, and environmental advancement.

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