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At KBR, safety is more than procedures and statistics. It is a state of mind that establishes our culture and the value we deliver to our customers.

For us, no mission, project, or programme is successful unless it is performed and executed without harm to KBR personnel, our clients, property or the environment. That’s why KBR maintains Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) as a core value for all employees and a key element in our Code of Business Conduct.

Since our clients rely on our expertise and trust us with their most important assets, programmes and projects, we ensure that our actions and solutions protect what matters to them. This includes financial performance, work safety standards and environmental considerations.


Recent Safety Milestones

Singapore Office

9 Million Work Hours Without a Recordable Injury

SATORP, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

1 Million Work Hours Without a Recordable Injury


1 Million Work Hours Without a Recordable Injury

Yara Peony Project, Freeport, Texas

1 Million Work Hours Without a Recordable Injury

BOSS Project, Djibouti, Africa

1 Million Work Hours Without a Lost-Time Injury



Zero Harm 24/7

For KBR, safety part of our culture, all-day every-day. This vision is embodied in our Zero Harm philosophy, which empowers everyone to display the courage to care by looking out for one another.

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KBR is focusing on improving our operations to benefit people and the planet, and our approach supports economic, social and environmental advancement.

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